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I'm joined today. By the amazing brisa fernandez schmidt executive director of women for women international and author of fears to thin. Brisa is an advocate and promoter women's empowerment women's rights and equality. She is passionate about women. Uncovering potential and finding that fits through high charity and coaching on. Today's episode we spoke about what fis- as how to find your it's your power and how to become self lita. We also talked about how the strength to not be liked by everyone. And lots of great tips onto raising phyllis children to -solutely loved speaking to bresser. She has so much wisdom and so many incredible tips to share with you today. Let's bring on the incredible brita. Welcome to the cost. Thank you so much. I'm so excited. Thank you for having me. I am so excited. We were just saying that we met he is again a bumble event. And i remember just being taken back by. You'll kindness jill stein to everything that you did is amazing just kind of even that we haven't seen a lot of each other seeing Media and obviously things are interested in everything that you do on. Suppose thank you so much. I thought exact same. And i remember mentioning to you at the time that i was thinking of. I just had started to think about my book. And i remember being on canal and talking a lot about well being and mindfulness and owning your power and are they going to federal affinities. So it's really wonderful to be on your podcast malinke So many incredible things your life including your work with women international for those who aren't familiar with this charity. What what you do and how did you get into this row. Informant is an organization. That's really close to my heart. Which is why. I've been working with them for the last twelve years really growing the organization in the uk. And what we do. Is we help and support women. In countries affected by conflicts of countries like iraq afghanistan south sudan reading the countries that we often hear about on the news but we very rarely hear about what is happening to women women who hold families together. Why it's involved both in fighting. And some women who serviced supposedly by the conflicts and by the extreme poverty that is also prevalent in countries where informing tensioness operating. So what we really do. Much that s. We provide them with a support program stronger. Women's donations women. Learn to feel confident. Ready learn new skills where they need other women to break the isolation obey expand where they learn how soon after the and we had a fine voice and obviously very important new skills to sustain an income because many of the women we walk with live less than genre day and often find it hard to feed their children and just keep going so very practical and holistic program that we implement with have obviously of women and then around the world he believe in the record we day and he often sign up to sponsor system which is one of the ways in which you know. Wonderful support has contribute by sponsoring one sister. Go through our program and hear how. She's changing her life. Which creates this time. I connection just really why. I am succession about this. Why because it means that he no longer saying of women in afghanistan somehow separate to you but you realize that they have the same hopes dreams and aspirations that we would say they just happened to have been born into second stances that are very different to ours and we can make a difference and address that inequality amazing do. How do you cope mentally with it. Because we could often think you know allies toughen you read about these things than you spend your working day helping these women. How do you continue to stay positive on not sucked into the emotional rollercoaster saga Us might read the knees. The about twenty minutes of you'll doing it for a seventy hours of the day. Howdy balanced that with your mental health. Such important question. And it's one that i talk to my team particularly awesome my teams that are working in the country all of our stuff in the countries based on our from the countries where we operate and we talk a lot about our mental health and our well-being because obviously it does affect us. Yes medicine isn't emotional. Road action stunt. And you can't change that. I wouldn't even want to change that because i want to feel that pain because i could turn that pain into Into energy to create change and to inspire others to believe the bay to can help. So i allow allow myself to feel the emotions but i also make sure that i have time to august i just them and kind of stillness and peacefulness but the important difference i think to my situation is invasive someone who might need about it in the general mainstream news. Is that the mainstream news really just terrifying to focus on the doom and gloom and the drama. The reality is that life is never just doom and gloom drama. Isn't the reality. Is that you know. After doom and gloom drama there are opportunities that is the night and change does occur. And i get to see that. And that's obviously a part of my passion. Why i want to communicate this more. Broadly because the mainstream media done do that the fact is change does happen every day even in the most challenging stance and we need to know that we need to know that to keep a full other was tonight fall cellulose evening our own lives and that was the reason why i wanted to write the.

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