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Eleven thirty six forty or the laura beats dot com it's yellowhammer news i'm jay holland former governor don siegelman is expected to make a full recovery following bypass surgery according to saint vincent's health system heart surgeon dr john richardson he says siegelman is expected to make a full recovery siegelman had heart bypass surgery last week after a blockage was discovered the eleven th us circuit court of appeals ruled today that garden dale near birmingham cannot form its own school system and agreed with the judges finding that racial motives were involved in the attempt to split from the jefferson county system the ruling nullifies part of an order from last year that allowed garden dale to form its own system bill pryor former alabama attorney general wrote the opinion hoover police are now growing more concerned over the appearance of an eighteen year old woman yellowhammer news andrea ties explains asia blackledge he's a student debt laws in state community college she was last seen on the morning of january twenty night in hoover blackledge was headed to class in bessemer and was last spotted on surveillance video at a compass bank where she stopped using atm hoover police captain greg rector says that blackledge does not appear to be under duress in that video but she never showed up for class a few hours later black logist driving a two thousand an eight gold ford fusion with alabama plates one bk one 35 8 for yellowhammer news i'm andrea thais during today's hearing in front of the senate intelligence committee fbi director christopher ray was asked about the stability of the agency specifically director ray was asked about a tweet from president trump in which he suggested the reputation of the fbi is in quote tatters unquote i'm a big believer in the idea that the fbi speaks.

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