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So spiderman swings in pursuit of mary. Jane realizing that she must be on the nearby oil rig therefore steals a cool jetboat and hits the high seas with black cat in pursuit on the rig more benches chasing. Mj around until spider man arrives to boot into the sea. This kicks off a fight and worried for. Mj's safety spiny blows is coagulation wyoming to give her time to escape the battle quickly. Go south bar hero. Who ends up pin numbers and wreckage as the rigs slowly falls into the water. So there's an oil tanker off the coast of new york. I did check the new york state and wells archive run by the state department environmental conservation. And there's been a an offshore rig in new york waters. That's why it's dirty new jersey right. Maybe it's dirty new jersey. Come out us. New jersey tells that's true. Do have anybody from new jersey. Listening to this podcast. Peter probably who knows also for the record. Boats need keys to operate and nobody in history has ever used a chain like this in order to stop people from taking their boat better than just rips up a literal chain and padlock of a boat. The just drives away like spiderman doesn't steal boats. What is this nine these video game. Yeah but i can see is like fucking this was the night the the the sixties one he would make a boat out of webs and then like make a fan out of. Webb's wake the fucking channel here. Yeah no he can probably make like a windsurf board or whatever just like ride. The waves over bro or he pushes. Someone often takes one of those stupid standing like paddle boards. It takes like eight hours to get across the fucking see. then it gets pushed over. He falls twice. It's okay though he's cool can do yoga on it. Nobody cares and then black cat does what i do all the time. Which is underestimate how loud. you are spiderman. You're right straight overestimate can you. Don't listen to this podcast. Overestimate how loud. You are cashews on the docks spider-man's like five k. Out at least and she's like spider spider. You forgot me here but that's cool. Hey hey turn around. Turn the butter out the cuts over to the actual like oil rank here and then they have like ten seconds of hide and seek between john and bench. It's really weird. There's no point to it. it just kinda happens. Stay away from me. And then she hides behind up thing and then he goes by and then she comes out and he's like i'm still here. We could accomplish a god damn thing. Has she been doing this all night though. He took her like twenty four hours. Co i think maybe spider-man's overestimating how fast he moves in the water because he has to bring her along and also like it's not a direct route if you take waterways way out of your way so he got all depressed because he was too good at his job. Yeah i think so. Let's a little game that they play like. Oh she acts like she doesn't want anything to do with me. Kit wishes i was dead. She for me screams. Whenever i'm around. I go and tell her how much i love her. And how i'll get back at her like that's just their little thing. I turn into a puddle of water. And i crawl up her leg. And you know it's fine spiderman like swigs into your boots amid the c. which is pretty sweet government all. Fda uses this as an opportunity yellow secret identity again. Paint jane for you okay classic. She's there's people on the rig like there's no one on this rig like what the fuck narrow it should be some roughnecks out there. Like i wanna see bruce willis and ben affleck steve. Boucher save a chevy or stroking drilling. You know are expected to jay to be like. Oh my god thank god. you're here. Did you find my jacket. I really loved that thing old so hydro man comes back stronger than ever because spiderman kicked him into the ocean and spiderman pushes at chad of the way in such an inadvertently aggressive fashion. Because he's got that spider strength. He launches across the rig. Cynthia inch eat some shit there. She skinned her knee for sure. At least nothing hurts. Like a scrape this is blows is fucking load real. Early here uses coagulation and i love his little line here to. Mj what he does. He's like it won't call them for long honey alive and using the term. Oh honey just like. I liked it. I don't know he's never done it before. She's got tiger but he doesn't really have anything for her right now. We disagree. i'm jay. He calls her. Mj all everybody calls her mj. Like fucking even bench calls a red. Yeah he doesn't really have anything. He's tried steph vote though so that's important the relationships growing he's keeping it fresh and then he does the thing. We all wanted him to do which is tell her to get in the goddamn boat because you can't think straight when she's fucking around look mg. I can't fight him with you. Hear a worry about you and make mistakes. Please let me do this. I look. Mj can we stop doing stupid shit for ten seconds on beat this guy's ass getting the poll last week. Remember when you just showed up on the roof and took a guys. Electric shock right on the chin. Yeah remember that because you've got an electric shock to the chin. Yeah concussion you're the again stops. You can't keep doing this. Your mind is swiss cheese well okay spiderman and then they kissed through the mask do. That's to be gross. It's probably all like sweat like listen for a mask now. If you sneezing it. It's so gross. Spiderman does it. I don't it's caked on its salty smelling the it's terrible. The only good thing about this though is hydra man.

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