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To me is a Paramount importance in this game. They have to get turnovers for the bills. They have to win the turnover margin. So just to counter to that, are you at all concerned about Jalen mills and Sean wade who are on the COVID list? Just in the sense that even if they are active, maybe that they've missed some reps, conditioning? Is that all something you factor in when you look at defensive backs trying to throw that wrinkle curve ball? I don't think so. I think whatever you have, you go with. Justin bethel, Cody Davis, special teamers out there like whatever. Give me more speed, give me guys who can tackle which the special team guys can do and I worry about sort of matchups later. Okay. So we'll keep an eye on those things. As of this morning, those updates on wade and Jalen mills for the Patriots. So before we keep going, you mentioned the weather. I think it's worth bringing up. It's going to be really, really cold. And you mentioned, you mentioned how it could be, of course, don't turn the ball over from a Mac Jones standpoint, but you said in our pre show discussion about how it could be tricky. What do you mean by that? In the sense that you feel that to generate any kind of passing game, you find that worrisome because of how cold it's going to be. Yeah, I just think you want you don't know look, we still don't have the answer on whether Mac Jones can play in these type of conditions. I mean, you know, I don't think he's been great the cold or it's been. So, you know, can you count on Mac Jones, making plays through the air not turning the ball over? You know, how's the ball going to come out? I could tell you that whatever they will be watching, the coaches will be watching and they did this, they do this every game, but especially when weather conditions are important. They will watch Mac Jones intently in pregame warmups. Basically, they watch them in the first buffalo game, terrible wind conditions. We know that. But they watch Mac Jones in the warm ups and we're like, we can't throw the ball or we can only throw the ball with the wind. That's the only thing that we can do. He's not powering the ball. It was not going well. So they will watch him in warm ups. See, how is the ball coming out of his hands? How does our arm look? Is it loose? Is it free? Is it going to be cold? And then, you know, the football just gets harder, you know, in those conditions. So even the running game, ball security is going to be Paramount. The Patriots at running back have done a really nice job. For the most part, the last since about week four, they've done a really nice job in that regard. And the bills can get a little loose with the ball. That's Allen and the running backs. So to me, that's an advantage for the Patriots, but you really got to gauge Mac Jones in this weather. I'm not optimistic on him being excelling in these conditions. So the Patriots are.

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