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Members powering of my family electric and vehicles destroyed my home and i'm destroyed john my business i'm the general manager for prospect resources zimbabwe and this is a plant in the bertrand that's reassuring you around brooke it looks a little bit like chunks of new god that's all i can think of to to liken it to their does actually the rock is called peg matai they go into the other nova hip in the oven just mind yourself it's hot so we've got a break up in here and it's red hot and i can feel about hate coming onto my face is been calcined the thousand one hundred degrees celsius and during that person the minerals in the or converted into mineral which is more meaningful to the next stage of the person that process is made up of a complex series of steps all specifically designed to remove impurities from the lithium all the toms out of the ground as well as roasting the rocket eleven hundred degrees celsius the concentrates are mixed with acid and washed and built it to remove any trace elements the end result is a very fine white powder battery grade lithium carbonate the reason we need to produce such pure lithium covenant is the battery producers which are mostly in china for example they gigafactory being built in california they require a source of lithium that doesn't contain other elements particularly base metals such as nickel copper calcium magnesium potassium those have a negative fit on the production of lithium batteries lithium carbonate plant is up and running this fine powder is what you're going to be sending onto the manufacturers that make car batteries for electric vehicles.

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