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West down after Washington West God that's going to be a minor hang up and 1 to 88 south at airport and get to London in the Gulf Coast windows dot com 24 hour traffic center. Our weather channel forecasts were watching a cold front coming down to Houston for tomorrow night and into Saturday temperatures tonight in the mid seventies. Widely scattered thundershowers tomorrow 85 during the day tomorrow, Right now it's 83 degrees and fair of the rich. Keep cool with a Rs 24 hour Weather center. This news brought to you by top stack top tax defenders. It's news time. 5 31 our top story. Both President Trump and Joe Biden have arrived in Nashville, Tennessee, have tested negative for Kuroda virus all head of tonight's debate. This will be the last time both candidates will make their arguments to the American public head of the election. The debate will be moderated by Kristen Welker of NBC News. Trump is called Welker terrible, terribly partisan and radical Democrat We'll have the debate here on K T R H with live coverage starting at seven o'clock could listen on air online or on the free I heart radio app. Republican senators are thrilled with Democrats refusing to show up for today's first vote on Amy Cockney Barrett Supreme Court nomination, Senator Ted Cruz labeled it a stud. John Kennedy said he was disappointed and Chuck Grassley call it a disservice to their states. The FDA is giving the drug rep deserve era full approval to treat Corona virus patients. This is what President Trump received during his hospital stay this month. The drugmaker says red, Deserve ear reduces recovery time by an average of four days in severe cases. More news on demand it Katie are h.

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