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Now he's built up his reputation. Well, you're not even playing in the game. He's somebody see them talking about Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen. And now you have randomly adjusting Herbert who gets pissed off and Keenan Allen and they want to jump in. I think that's what makes it so much fun. And I just strictly now as a fan of the game. You look forward to this Sunday watching to interaction between an Eli Apple and a guy on those side maybe whether it's juju whethers, NBS, while the kids in Kelsey space. You look forward to that and it's trash talking all of his antics. The last thing I want to talk about in terms of the playoffs and current teams, this goes, this is overall for the holy, does every player and every team feel disrespected no matter what. I feel like this is like, I've read so many things about Joe burrow's been disrespected because people don't put them. No one's disrespecting Joe borrow. I've read mahomes as disrespected because people talk about Allen and burrow and they don't talk about mahomes. You know, Aaron Rodgers even, you know, he's like, oh, you know, the packers drafted my backup, and they thought I was done. And then I went to no one, I feel like 95% of either they don't get talked about enough or they're disrespected, is the player using it for their own motivation. What's am I wrong on that? No, there's been a fun part of these last several months of now. Now I'm in your world and you realize that no matter what I say, like somebody's gonna find something. So I was just like, going in, you just said, Cincinnati was the underdog. Whether it was a coin, where there was a neutral site game, whatever it was, people lost line, and there's so much doubt on us. And it was just like now going into this week, Kansas City fans, Dirk pistols are just like, now everybody's saying a borough is the best quarterback in the AFC. Oh, don't you remember? In the summer, you guys all picked the Raiders and the Broncos and the charges. Well, look, we're still here. No matter what you say, you're doubting somebody's franchise and you're doubting this quarterback. But as a player, of course, you always found a reason to put a chip on your shoulder and attack whether it's the off season, whether it's darn season. I remember our Super Bowl run in 2018, we lost, we won our first game against Houston, then we lose the Jackson on a roll, and we lose to the lines on a roll. Then we would go on a little bit of a win string, and then we get to the end of the year, we lose to the dolphins and the Miami miracle with a chance to win a division. And we lose on the role to Pittsburgh with a chance to win the division. And throughout that week, the following weeks and especially once we entered the playoffs, we want our last two games against the jets and the bills, but there were all the articles of what everybody was saying about us when we had lost those two straight games earlier in the season. And at the end of the season, the dumbest news over this day and the third and we use that as our motivation and it was just like, well, no, we've lost those two straight games. We look trash. Everybody that was analyzed in the game. It was just calling what they saw on film. So it's not really attacking us or disrespecting us. You lay an egg out there and I have to talk about that game. I have to talk about the fact that you late in a. So I think we all do it when we're playing. Even individually, you'll still get mad at the little league coach that benched you and your first game as you're getting ready to play in the Super Bowl. I wish I wish I wish I remember the details. This happened in college too, because Georgia, which just won the national title. It's one of the national title last year, went undefeated this year. After the game, players were saying like, oh, people picked us to finish. No one did that. You're just making it up. And I guess, you know, I've heard athletes over the years of all told me, like they'll do anything they can to get any sort of motivation and any edge going into a game. It's almost in the NFC eagles niners. I'm just, you know, obviously the story here is Brock purdy. And it's a great story. You don't want to be the one to sort of throw cold water on it. But his two road wins would games have been at Seattle and at the Raiders at Las Vegas. Now, just as a fan, to me, going into Philly with those fans is going to be like nothing he's ever experienced. Is this going to be a challenge? He's not going to really, you know, I feel like he's not ready for that challenge because he hasn't had to go through anything like that. Or am I not giving him enough credit? I will lean on not giving him enough credit. And I will say because of this going into Vegas is different. You're going into a beautiful stadium. There's a club in the background. That's a whole vibe in itself against a struggling team. We're actually a writer's play well in that game, but going into Seattle like Seattle is one of the loudest stadiums I've ever played and put our head obviously right next to that. Now head into Philly is a different atmosphere because now you're entering the northeast where people are just upset. They're mad that they woke up and their local coffee shop the coffee wasn't as hot as it was the day before. And the northeast we just find reasons to be mad. We don't talk to people when we pass them on the street. So there's a different atmosphere in that where you're going to be riding up on the bus and there's going to be a lot of choice boards and gestures for them as he's getting there because that's just filling us just the northeast. But I think as far as atmospheres, obviously a conference championship is something that he's never played in, which is a different level in itself. But I think that rolled presence. I think what he probably saw in Seattle a Thursday night game prime time Seattle still had a ton to play for as we saw they were able to creep into the playoffs and late in the season playing him. I think as a vision opponent, it gives a lot of those playoff vibes of course you get towards the end of the season. But I keep saying this about Brock Brody, we keep waiting for the shooter to fall off and for him to make this crazy mistake that cost and it keeps looking and you're just like, I don't know what you guys are waiting for. That's just not me. You can say I didn't throw any touchdown pass this down to third. This guy's been in control of the office since he's been out there. He's made enough place each and every week and obviously they're Ross and being loaded is very helpful as well. I don't want to talk about football anymore because you're a Jersey guy and you just talk about how we're angry here on the east coast. Give me something you got angry about in the last like something in the last couple of days that made you angry on you said the coffee is not hot enough, give me give me something. Oh man I don't know if there's a specific man. You got to think about we do a show where our morning meeting happens at 5 30 in the morning. So I think upset is just those morning meetings like who's going to be in a pissy mood today because somebody didn't get enough sleep and we're going to talk Aaron Rodgers there. Somebody's going to be pissed that we're talking Aaron Rodgers all right, we'll change the subject. Then we'll talk Tom Brady. I did something that's going to be pissed that we're talking Tom Brady. So I think all of us kind of coming from different areas, but doing something at 5 30 in the morning. We did the worst of each and every person. It's just like it takes turns every morning, but my take on the northeast, I lived in Nashville for ten years and while I was down there, one of my mentors was a guy Chris holt that I played with. He's pumped Rock Hill, South Carolina. We trained together in the off season, and we'd all go to lunch or whatever the case may be and we're walking down the street and this dude is saying hi to everybody we crossed paths with. And I'm like, he looks at me and he's just like, what's wrong with you? Like, say hi, talk to people. So then I got in the habit of doing that. And next, you know, I'm having a conversation with somebody's grandmother and Walmart and heritage about her babies and all of that. And then I come back home and I'll be walking and I'm trying to make eye contact with somebody I was walking past me so I can give a head and out of something and like don't pull out the phone or to look the other way and it's just like as a reminder like you're no longer in the south. So I've had to get used to the warmth of the people of the northeast again. I wear these things. I'm pointing if you're listening and not on YouTube. My AirPods. I wear these in every store I go.

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