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In the ball at a nichols is hands nick stood in there he held onto the football like every great quarterback should and he launched that ball as el sean jeffrey got behind the secondary of the minnesota vikings and from that point on it was that avalanche now here's the thing for i think the philadelphia eagles and doug peterson is played this masterfully it's the psychology of football it's the underdog nature how can number one seed be an underdog well was when you lose an mvp candidate like carson winds how do you replace them how do you replace the plays that he makes that nobody else makes well everybody's got a rise up around the backup quarterback in this case nick falls and play the games of their lives in starts with defense first and foremost i thank and the fan base down in philadelphia the defense that off the frenzy of the fans the noise the intensity and all that other stuff and finally nick polls was able to be calm enough to stand in their pocket pro the ball down the field as his receivers got behind the minnesota secondary for touchdown passes the week before there were no touchdown passes i felt like going into this game they were going to have to score a lease 21 points to win on their home feel well they did more than that and the obviously just destroyed the minnesota often so kudos to doug peterson his coaching staff or handling their backup quarterback nick falls kudos to jim schwarz in his d defense of staff for really just absolutely overwhelming the opposing offenses that they have played now in the playoffs the thing about the super bowl it's not on their home field it's a neutral site the fan bases are a little bit different it's not as loud on one way or the other and i think that they'll find playing against tom brady is not going to be as easy as beating case kinnamon the minnesota vikings now what makes boomers gonna tell us l tom brady can lead the patriots to a six super bowl title this is nfl preview the moment you start up a toyota tundra towards a coma you become part of a whole secrets aside for the.

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