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Everybody, welcome to NASCAR America. Championship week. Championship edition. Let's go with that. What a fun weekend this past weekend was. We're back with a show, obviously this show was about the fans. There should be plenty to talk about today. Call in. Praise your comments. We can put the number on the screen, be sure to call. We love them. There you go, 8, four, four, 6, two, 7, two, two, 7, 6, Kyle Larson, obviously, just an incredible job this weekend. So much fun to watch really how competitive is in my opinion all four drivers had a chance to win all four drivers at one point felt like they could win that championship. I feel like the race cycled at one point, everybody had a chance as you mentioned. And then there was kind of that moment that we knew was going to happen in the 5 team took it quite frankly. They came in fourth of the championship four guys. We can talk about good cars, bad car short runs, long runs, but all of those are just details in the story, the real story is motor sports is all about performance. Sports is all about human performance. I love the race cars Nate. I spent an entire lifetime working on them, but humans make this sport going in the end, 5 human beings jumped over the wall, change four tires faster than the other three teams went from fourth to first, and then we all know if you give Kyle Larson the lead that's a bad thing with about 25 laps to go. Right. He led the final 28 laps to because he is a world class elite driver. And of course, that is the story of the 2021 season, like how insanely talented this guy is. He had a season for the ages, but to your point, he takes the lead because of his team. And Kyle Larson, he won the championship, but he was given the opportunity to win the championship by his team. He didn't enter into that opportunity if not for his picture. He said it, you know, on error, multiple times with us that if the pit crew doesn't hit that money stop and change four tires and 11.8 .8 seconds. And if he doesn't get the number one pit stall, a day or earlier, by winning the pole position, he doesn't win the championship. Well, drivers talk about it all the time, but about how this is a team sport. And I think on Sunday, we saw it all play out on the biggest stage, how important everybody is on a team. It takes everybody to win championships and win races. But let's do this. Let's just go straight in to Kyle Larson and listen to what he had to say about the race. I can not believe it. I don't even think I'd be racing a cup car. A year and a half ago. And to win a championship is crazy. I gotta say, first off, thank you so much to Rick Hendrick, hit her cars dot com. Jeff Gordon, NASCAR. Every single one of my supporters in the stands, watching at home. My family, I got so many of my friends and family here. My parents, my sister, my wife and kids, oh, and a big give me crap. Month and a half ago about how I can't win a Cup race when he's there. So that had a lot of pressure, but there were so many points of this race where I did not think that we were gonna win and without my pit crew on that last stop, we would not be standing right here. So they are the true winners of this race. They're two champions. I'm just blessed to be a part of this group. Every single men are a person. Man and woman at Hendrick motor sports. This win is for all of us. And every one of you. So this is unbelievable. I'm speechless. So much fun to see that enthusiasm. Great burnout. Almost made a lap. That was his goal end up blowing the tires out. But let's do this. Let's go back and really look at how Kyle Larson got here because you said it Steve. It took a team effort. Let's go back and revisit what happened to him and how he got into this position when this race. Yeah, 312 laps, and there was gonna be a lot of flips when it comes to the, you know, different control of the race, who is controlling it, but the turning point for me was really about halfway through the race. You know, chase Elliott had control of it. He had just passed the 5 car and that's when it kind of all swapped. I think we have a piece here to kind of show how it all went down with the 19. Here it is. So right here, you go right here. Larsa has control of the race, right? But then the 9, he's gonna pass him. And at this point, I'm thinking this is what chase Elliott needs, right? We're inside the last fuel run everything's going good. We know green flag pit stops are gonna happen the 19 of Mark trex junior comes to pit road earlier than anyone expects, but while on pit road, Anthony Alfredo, big impact with the outside wall causing the yellow to come out, then it's a race off pit road the 19 right there is scored. You wait about three or four more cars. You're gonna see the leader of the race the 19 of chase Elliott. Somehow, Truex does a nice job staying on the lead lap. That turns out to be very important because then he'll assume the lead Nate when we come to the next restart. You have a pit stops. This seems silly, but the 11 billion 9 off pit road is a huge situation because then that cycles the 9 back another roll. Look at that. The two Hendrick cars are in the third road Jeff. They're not even in the front four cars. Well, that's exactly right. So this momentum shift was huge because you took the two cars that were slowest on a short run and you gave them track position. You.

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