President Putin, President Trump, Russia discussed on CNN 10 (video)

CNN 10 (video)


For certain it will not look like a typical criminal trial do next today. The entire government of Russia has resigned resigned. But it wasn't a protest. It was apparently done to make it easier for Russian President Vladimir Putin to make major changes to his country's constitution it it says Russia's president cannot serve more than two terms in a row. Putin did that starting in the year two thousand and ending in two thousand eight then. He was appointed pointed Russia's Prime Minister for four years and his election back to the presidency in twenty twelve led to two more terms in office as Russia's leader his current term ends in twenty twenty twenty four. And what he's proposed doing is shifting some of the government's power from the president to parliament and the prime minister. Critics say that President Putin might might be positioning himself to be prime minister again when his term as president ends that he wants to make sure that he holds onto power when that happens other observers say the president president wants to give the government a fresh makeover in the years ahead to help its economy while still retaining some power for himself. Ten Seconds Trivia. which what did these? US universities was founded seventeen. Eighty nine making it. The oldest on this list University of North Carolina University Texas am or the citadel. All of these schools were founded in the eighteen hundreds except for UNC and some of those various schools are taking on a new challenge when it comes to getting students ready for job interviews in addition to a great cover letter the appropriate outfit and knowing something about the company pretty. You're applying to applicants may need to be ready to face a computer. Some businesses are using artificial intelligence to whittle down a field of job applicants. They're given even a series of questions to answer over their laptop or smartphone. Then it's not a recruiter. It's an algorithm that analyzes their facial expressions their grammar their tone of voice and then conclude whether a human is enthusiastic determined are good at teamwork. This is a new technology. It's not really a proven one and while it might save companies time when interviewing a large number of applicants for say an entry level position. There are some concerns that computers can't assess people there driver. Their potential attention like another person can and critics say these shortcomings could be applied to the other ways in which some businesses are turning to artificial intelligence even if it makes sense for them point join Anchalee. Artificial intelligence is reshaping nearly every way in which we work some aspects of business like human resources. Marketing and customer service are already in these early transformative stages the drones and driverless cars that will revolutionize supply chains and business models still belong to a relatively distant future despite a is potential only twelve percent of organizations used it last year in some way according to an adobe survey of thirteen thousand professionals but an additional thirty percent planned on employing it within twelve months embracing emergent. Technology is not without risk but those who take the chance now have the most to gain early adopters could potentially double their cash flow by twenty thirty. That's because experimenting today might allow composed create new products. Mine better business models and help control the broader conversation on the flip side that same report predicts that companies that weight eight twenty percent cash flow decline. If I fundamentally reshaped how we work it has the power to do so for better or worse.

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