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November December of eighteen twenty twenty this. Year you'll be Ryan. Wife News. Here Though? Couple so now that you know as a final changing socially, just you know, throw world I'm I. I still WanNa hire that. They want to pay attention to Mike neither my blacks meeting. We need to come together with the right now. A lot of people are hurting. You know it's just things that are going out. Is I recommend? I WANNA be a voice of you know of love of reason of no support so I'm going to focus on that. Somebody me a community. That love owning you know people in the community doing good so hallways. You're my friend based. I'm here illegally. Here. Produce the WHO was this whole everything so? One of my bracelet your. You know what? We can do better know that you know. Years ago are insincere. Only Hong are or mothers against the they come together. Aren't-aren't to get Louis like. The next the we have to use our even launching, we can be the chain. I love the NS true because I think about the stuff that you know. Are My grandparents even went through being born nineteen, thirty three in all the disparities I'm sure she had phased. In my grandfather's was like hen. You know you hear about it. You read about it. You learn about it, but to think that we're in a time just like that now and it is really time you. You know crab or get out the pat what you do. Party is is here. I love our everyone. Especially in our community has pivoted to start focusing more on our community. Because for so long it seemed like you know. We had to have the American dream. We want it to be like them accepted like them, but now it's like it actually start looking to our own magic in our in our beautiful news in our extraordinary personalities, talents and things we have going on in. How can we highlight that within? Our community is not so much. Much now that we need to be or feel the need to be accepted by other people, it's like okay, We accept ourselves in less highlight that must push that because that is also powerful, an amazing unnecessary so I love that you're doing it for the children because they're. They're our future. They're coming right after us in days. Seeing what we're seeing in real time in source court until a pack their lives now and I love the I. let kids Blinky. It. Exactly so. What are some tips? You can give to people who are also struggling with being their own queen of sabotage. What can what tips can you give them so that they can maybe not go through the same thing that you have for, so we can all come out of this thing because we're too great looking ourselves as if we're not enough like. We gotTA cancel that. What used it. To. Other. People in your circle that will hold you accountable and sometimes like we have to. Come out of. The public hearing. But. I think you should talk. Communicate you know what you're. Sharing. Next? Friday if you tell people about it, you gotta come through. He. Locally in the no one knew so. It's like the more you. Circle that are there. People were doing substitute. Empower themselves. You kind of want to be a part of the to someone else. Make League Man I. WanNa make. Could do. Not Copy does but you know that are working on goal. You have older, so you WANNA keep striving. To make sure that what you're working on that. Come into wish. So once again. That sisterhood is so important is something I've been talking about for awhile, so then your sisterhood. Do you feel like you have that support that you need that? You're able to when you're having. Those moments Assumpcao like me every day. He goes to them and say like girl. Listen like big MEA right Think I. Think is important. Meet soon, have diverse. Frankly have girlfriends. Roper is also you have people who are doing saying you're done with their. Maybe maybe having all my support podcast that you know they talk to. Your friends that you know. The all your friends, but sometimes they talk of like now they might. Relate to too much of the day. They can help you out on A. Unique S. Say Saving you're done that way. Yes, Kinda like personally locals. There's no. Absolute people people here I go this eight eight year on, so that way got might know. Bounce off each other. You this. You editor podcast early. Today. So that being said because you are food blogger extraordinaire. I have to ask you. If twenty twenty were as little girl. What sort of twenty twenty being. Okay. That's tough. One because you know twenty twenty has been. US Business Okay Kid. On us, so I will go. If you remember back your childhood. Sandwich in. Red Was gone and use that last piece girl. Friends one no me. Just a Mayo! Is As earl just. Just a broke upset was basically. Just a wholesome sandwich. The girl in. Low. Lloyd. I hope that twenty twenty one gives us way better food options. I'm just saying it has. When, we can only go up from here. Girl, only at least let's get a pack of noodles some tape. But I also have to have you. Thank you so much for being sharing your truth. Honesty your good energy. This is only the beginning for Kiva in Verona Sake. I'm so happy that you're here Kiva. Thank you so much..

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