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I saw chick that had to be twenty five pounds heavier than I am right now. With appears click like Clinton. Yeah. Fucking like it was like an inch to roller. And I mean, nobody I'm not trying to be rude or main. I'm just trying to be honest. Nobody you'd want dice for a special. Now goes look in that by the wall, she's holding it up. Nobody nobody's ever thought of fucking. She walks over when the trim little moustache sideburns that was with this girl looked like she had sideburns like some girls, look cute, and like the head now she really had like sideburns she had heroine her neck. She pushed look like and been shot cannonball, huge these guys like kissing her neck like putting like fucking aerosol cans and a pussy. Really? I was a fake disgusting place. It was a long. Like women's it was like long tube. But the data ones like, yeah. Yeah. The shaving cream, Joe barbasol gel gel. Not the big one the skinny award. They're putting it in the gel, and or the bottle to bottle the bottom of just rubbing it in a pussy. And she was the guys with dirty the chick was filthy her feet. They had it on top of pool table. It's like they walked the from fucking Oregon Seattle of feet were black. You know, it just none of that shit. Really turns me on. I could see a girl. That's pretty dirty feet. That's kinda cute. Yeah. I know exactly what you're talking dirty. Yeah. This six feet would just dirty. Yeah. And all these white guys around the sucking flappy tape. So she had a kid somewhere in. It was just terrible. Yeah. And then be Tripoli Jason Tibo at the store some night a guy came in one night, and he offered us a bunch of money to shoot a girls gone wild only. It was something different. It was like girls. Go fucking crazy. Yeah. I think it was made Tripoli Tibo Duncan Duncan and we had to go somewhere in the hills. They wouldn't let us take phones that we had to drive up there. Like that pick us up. We're going to stick with the first bus backwards at nine. So they wanted stand up a stand up music and fucking lie. Fucking while you're on stage. And it was you could make them laugh listening to the fuck and set it was something, and they hire professional models, white girls escorts. Okay. That daughter going to shoot a move. Grows got up there. Let's go on and often this fucking pigs getting fucked. This guy's hit on the diving board the world is a hot. There's a pool that's gorgeous. It's you know, what what's up with like when you go into lower canyon that side street. I gotta pass it to Moharram. There was up there. White people rich, you know, nice house. They had rented it from somebody for the daily some couple. Go to Malibu just going to have a little party film at no they filmed this fucking discuss fast. Now, never forget that out. Again, you're anxious. You like, let's see what these porno checks, look like and awesome was sitting there talking to you. We look all in this dude is fucking this chick. He's a three. She's a six. Yeah. She's not a ten, but she's a six, but dormitory what the creepiest thing was her husband was three feet from analyze them. And he's like going cluck a good fuck a good put in a fucking mount you come in putting a fucking ass and the white and then afterward after she'd been come on and spin on flop. They like hanging out like swap and spit. She's naked. He tried to take his clothes off people like put the ha ha. It was it's a different world. It's not, you know, we talk about stories here. Shit happens. The comedy store somebody such deg somebody ancient buzzing, that's one thing. But to live in that fucking world is just something else. Like, everything's real cool. No, it's not cool. She's wanted pounds. It's it's not cool. Did you should drop off at the LA zoo? She's don't deserve to be. You know what I'm saying? Like people don't wanna see that some people. But the funny thing was there was a girl that that was really pretty and when I was on stage..

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