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Role in a circle, but goes and takes it away and taps it around behind the net. All the way on to center ice. Florida getting it back. Again, follow tries to get away. He has the loan Florida goal. Plaid jammed it in. It's going to be whistled down. Not an upside. Getting a little scrappy here in the. Neutral zone. Everybody just kind of falling all over the place and coming in. But. That'd be sharp here for the last last minute six you wanna give up any opportunities, especially not want to give up a goal here in this last minute, Florida after they calling back into this getting within one. Person wins that face off will dump it in wide of the net. Flipped up in the air picked it out of the air. But it's jammed out to center ice Panthers. Bring it right back in again Davidov, and he promptly gave it away a pass up. The middle jumped away from Larson. The line comes Florida again trying to get it out in front of the net. Instead buffalo intercepts and brings it back and other the line leaves at their postal took a shot up the goal post cranked it right off the pipe kept in by buffalo. Again, back in the corner. Licensed stolen away Larson. Steers the opposite corner. Taken back by Yondo Yondo flipped at the center. Buffalo coming up with fifteen seconds remaining sent right back in again. Cleared up on the wing Panthers. Shut this break away with a foot change at the bench. But that didn't work and buffalo. We'll bring it up. Now, very slowly, which means that we shall come to the end of this second period and scandal now has. The thousand yard.

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