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Sleep duration improved and they had a shorter sleep latency so they were sleeping faster there were sleeping deeper and they were sleeping longer melatonin works here's the thing what melatonin melatonin on special obviously the dosage for you as going to be totally different than the dosage for me that's how melatonin is sean people to find what three milligrams or melatonin puts him right to sleep and the beauty of melatonin is if you need it you feel great in the morning but some people need more supple but some people need six milligram some people need nine milligram it really varies from person to person but here's why you want melatonin this is i can't school of medicine in manhattan the i can't school of medicine of courses mount sinai call i can funded them to name it somehow the nih national institutes of health and the university of helsinki which would be in finland and it shouldn't journal sleep showing something very interesting they're showing people would shift work problems really groggy all the time to have a problem with your melatonin gene they have a problem with that melatonin receptor gene receptor one eighteen for melatonin plumbing explain what i'm talking about let's say ten pharmacists work at a hospital they work shifts sometimes they work day sometimes worked night eight of them are fine they do quite well with the shift work but two of them are chronically exhausted persistently tired no matter what do those two they have a problem with that melatonin receptor gene but it's also a problem with this gene leads to alzheimer's now we're talking i can't school of medicine.

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