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Slowdowns here through Savin Hill. You're back up to speed, though, after the gas tank getting down to the Braintree split. Down on 4 95 South bound seeing some brake lights here on route 24 in rain. Ham 24 is a nice ride Randolph down through Brockton and no troubles to report here on Route three off the expressway down past Derby Street. This report is sponsored by safe excavator dot com called our click 811 Before you dig. There's a lot of stuff underground. You can't see it every few minutes. Somebody digs into a line pipe cable or wire. Don't be that person. Call or click 811 before you dig and visit, safe excavator dot com. Kevin Brennan. WBC's traffic on the freeze Well, the last of the rain is in P. Town. Charles Chatham, Taunton, Plymouth Revere, Lin Beverly, Gloucester. And if switch, the rest of the state is drawing out the dinner time forecast, bringing clear skies Briskin colder, low 35 on average. Tomorrow. Mostly sunny, high 43 looking at a radio Thanksgiving details in 10 minutes from right now live local and fiercely independent. This is WBC news radio. All right. Good Monday. Hope you're having a good afternoon. Despite the weather. Here are the five things you need to know. At 1 45, The Coast Guard is searching for four missing people. 20 miles off the coast of Provincetown off fishing boat based out of Portland, Maine, going under this morning, President elect Joe Bond in shaping his administration more details and who makes.

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