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Of which one but the podcast it's probably up there on mad radio triple thread or in the loop stages pace said on pfp live yesterday that he still hasn't like the patriots and still wonders if their superb game plan was aided by sheetings and there was a report one proven to be false but never really got the retraction it deserved because he espy and never really gnaws the retraction that was made by the boston herald the patriots a filming a walk through practice in of of the st louis rams before super bowl thirty one the pace said quote there's a little bit of suspicion there i think eyes all feel that way they had a pretty solid game plan for a so i dunno they knew exactly what we were going to do down there even though there is no evidence of them filling the walk through practices he continued as saying that it's a really hard to accept that they didn't win another title because of all the hall of fame players on the greatest show on turf you look at all these all famers and you just saw missed opportunities and that was one of them because we should have had multiple championships okay but you lost am i'm just going to go through all of those big games that people continuously go to win and pointed the cheating because i remember them vividly and i'm tired of people to bring them up if you disagree with me fine i remember these games like the back of my hand i mean i watched them over and over and over again after the fact because i didn't really have a life so i watched the super bowls over in super bowl thirty six something that bothered me for the longest time is that the rams acting like the mistakes that they made in the game were because of the patriots somehow cheating in some way shape or form okay burst off when kurt warner through a pick six with eight forty nine left in the second quarter mike rabl blitzes them now titans had coach it's amazing how far the nfl's cone all these years occurred curtis throws.

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