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It's been a home run in two ways on the racetrack. Also, building our brand here in Australia at our business finish festival secondary. Is I thought. Which was. Before. Spider rice. And you can't really just look at the Las rice of the you have to look at it starts ends gossip. But from the rice treks across the strategy at he is inside super cos-. Workum during child circus's, Craig Valentine's as we hit into the Saint season funnel of the VIP to championship. It's going to be attorney weekend creek. It will be tiny. It's always great to see a championship come down to the wire. And just think if it can be exciting as the WAC was lost weekend up on the cuffs coast destination. New South Wales, we'll have had a very very profitable motorsport experience over the past two weeks in Dade and could it be something? You're like the two thousand seventeen them at Newcastle. I doubt that. With the Cps attended a great. We never year. But the J Ken Newcastle. Do it is is a huge question. I've I've got a feeling one way or the other. I think it's decided on Saturday in day in day. Well, it's been a fascinating built up to this rice is a whole bunch of things that are still not settled even though the 'nother weeks time. The season will be out of that. Obviously being built for the new year. But we've got whole bunch of different teams such as Winterbottom and ticket pricing safely invade draw the lineup Brooke who's obviously done. Very. Well. She fortunately, I think we've got air of his they've settled on their to van tone banking up for another season. You've got to the saints it Kelly racing. Kelly motorsport still to be finalized as well as branch houses driver. Of course, he's decided to step down. So there are a lot of things certainly still in the air. Yes. I don't know have that's all going to pan out. And we'll certainly see over the next couple of days. One man was speaking to lighter on in the show is Scott pie. And I know you've been doing the numbers there and he's had a season best finish. And. Yes. Sorry. He's gonna have heavies bass David season. Since he's been in. So because he's driven of course, was three for change in that time. But. Welcome choose or to full they walk enjoy Andretti. United have done a very good job. James, gordon? He's had some bad luck along the white. But Scott who sent me shown on a number of occasions, and you get again, the shot himself to a driver whose father will raise future coming up. So we're him Scott pie that a wonderful moment as a different world because he's not a full-time rice. Dr he's gonna Jan business. That'll be interesting on Moore about the other interesting thing about this weekend is it's the last hurrah for the falcon tiny, and it's had a interesting existence. Of course for a while. They didn't say a falcon on a trick strain Jerry catch championship because you could get a Mustang or a Sierra do a much better job much cheaper for you. Well, fortunately, that's case lost twenty years. But now with the falcon coming up being produced in this country. It certainly is leaning towards where we're buying an imported Commodore and you can go buy a big Ford. You've got to buy small forward you want to sit and we buy Mustang, and certainly that's going to be fantastic because is enormous amount of development being happening with the Mustang with plenty of drivers jumping out and having a panel, which leads to TCI there's lots of developments in that category as well. Yes, the launch at Eastern Creek. We saw that along with the Superfly thousands to I should mention of the super five thousand and Chaz Mostert in getting some lexin. They're one of the quotes that I took a lot of white from his they're actually quite comparable to a JT three in terms of Dr a set of section that is a a huge statement in mon- line that could. See an interesting an interesting opportunity there for drivers who want to have that experience. But don't have the JT three budget James Moffet was in a Honda Civic, which David Wohl racing had worked on some of the preparations for it. You look you'll was driving in the Volvo..

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