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Coming to you from Boise Idaho the fastest this growing city in the US and recognized as one of the most creative and vibrant cities to live in this is a special edition of enhancing the human experience experience a world of creativity a series of unique interviews with successful people from around the globe how they get inspired where their ideas come from and how they apply creativity in their business and personal lives now. Here's your host Mark Phillips along with Special Guest Interviewer Mark Stinson. I'm Mark Phillips Sam here with Mark Stinson. We are the CO hosts a world of creativity the series inside of enhancing human experience mark how great to talk with the again yeah absolutely What do you got for us today. Well we we've been conducting some fantastic interviews with folks and along the way we've been asking them what were some of their influences and inspirations and might have been a mentor and might have been a book it might have been a class. They took that sort the thing so we thought as we're continuing to schedule interviews into the future we'd also offer a little snack size bite size inspiration from a book that inspired me I've been going back through my library and just sorta wanted to update some of the key principles some of these important innovation patie- influences that have that have helped me and I thought we cheer that absolutely. Let's hear what she got well. The the book today is called play and how it shapes the brain opens the imagination and invigorates the soul which is a terrific absolutely but this idea of play. The author is Stuart Brown. He's an MD but he's also the founder of something called the National Institute for play. So here's a guy who's a medical doctor. A psychiatrist a clinical clinical researcher that founds an institute for play well no medicine and his whole fought here is that play is as big a part of our daily life. You know that can be an important factor for fulfilled. We feel and how creative we we feel not just being happy but really being able to sustain social relationships think about when you were a kid. Your social relationship was built around playing yeah. So why don't we do that more. We think of work networking. Why don't we have play networking. Wouldn't that be a lot more fun. I would so ah Dr Brown Dr Stewart Brown shares release a stick step framework. He says the first thing about play is the anticipation that you can't wait to go outside and play where I can't wait to open the game. You know I can't wait. I mean there's game nights every night of the week. At some game shoprite is it doesn't have to be soccer or something yeah but and then the second is the surprise and play has the surprise element like. I didn't know it would be this this fun or I didn't know who would be playing and so. There's a bit of surprise. The third is of course the pleasure. This is really been enjoyable. I've enjoyed it. The fourth is then. There's an understanding I learned something from this game or I never thought I would be this good at this game or I really didn't know that I would learn how these people I interact with. The fifth is strength and a lot of play from an exercise standpoint. Is You gain strength. You gain stamina you gain you know even strength the mind and then six poise that the more you play. Hey the more you able to relate to each other and the better you're able to be coached. You know things like that so it was really terrific. I really really appreciated the fact that he has a play assessment or a play history and I would challenge our listeners to take this poll mentally if you're listening and while you're driving you're listening while you're reading about these questions for a second. The first is when have you felt free to be and and do what you choose and usually. That's why you're playing. You know we're doing something you find enjoyable. When would that be for you. listeners second. Is there a part of your life right now. That play fits into next. What do you feel stands ends in the way of your achieving more personal time. PERP for play for freedom and then finally are you able to feel feel what engages you the most effortlessly because it's play you know I don't have to do it. You know and you think about even when you go to sports or something that you know I really don't WanNa go to is it still play it so gray area right it is yeah so the the author encourages us to expose ourselves to more play nourish our sense of play and this is. I really found this book on a and reminder yeah go ahead well. No it's just a great reminder. We we forget we grown up and we're like I'm done playing. I'm an adult now. I'm going to do my thing yes. We don't have time to play adopt. Arnold claim to be seen now. Were you know now. I feel like cats in the cradle song coming on you. Don't have time to play. I'll get back after work. It's like well. No it's the time to the we you know the value of playing opens up that channel for creative ideas and spray. Shin absolutely thanks for sharing. Stay tuned for more of these great interviews. We'll have with creative people from around the world but in the meantime hope you enjoyed this book review with an by the way and mark. You always say this at the end of every podcast but we'd love your comments. We thank you for your suggestions. If there's a favorite book you half please put it in the notes. Please put it in the comments wherever you've been listening to your podcast is great reminder that Yeah I love that. Thanks for reminding us all right signing off We'll talk to you soon bye. No.

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