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The Erik Erikson show across the state of Georgia. The phone number eight seven seven nine seven Eric. Eight seven seven nine nine seven. Three seven four to five I want you to know out of the gate That I love instagram. INSTAGRAM is the one social media platform platform. I actually enjoy. You can follow me on instagram. At E W Erickson and I want you to know I follow a number of you I I follow back listeners. Some Not not the ones who just put up means by the ones who actually are normal people. I follow them and I want you to know I hate everyone of you. Who put up pictures of the snow over the weekend? I hate your guts. Just need you to know this out of the gate that I hate you. All I got it was raining in in in Macon and it was snowing. All my friends up in north Georgia these beautiful pictures of snow. MMA Buddy Ryan texting me pictures of plane with his kids in the snow. I hate him. I hate at you all who had snow this weekend. It was amazing. I mean our weather needs storage. Zine it was in the seventies and then it starts snowing. And then it's in the fifties and the sixties. It can't make up. Its mind. We've got a schizophrenic weather cycle here now nonetheless. I I I will endeavour to move on with the news. There's a lot of news And the the should begin with I I want to begin with a Meta commentary if you will a commentary on the commentary of what's happening right now because as you are undoubtedly aware orangemen bad The this has become the standard in the media where anything anything. The president does is bad for example in this is somewhat funny. A about three weeks ago. There was a running commentary theory on the social media platform twitter about brutal USC architecture. Now if you don't know what brutal is architecture it's it it is not the word. Brutal architecture is not meant to describe that the architecture is brutal or harsh but in fact. That's what it is if you were the. FBI building looks like in Washington DC. That's brutal Est.. Architecture or a very eastern European Soviet style architecture architecture it is sterile at as cold as blackie It's it's not an attractive architecture. Style and it is widely regarded as an architectural mistake. Georgetown in any of you who are familiar with Georgetown University. Georgetown University has a beautiful beautiful building and they hired the architect to design Georgetown University Library and the library was done as a replica of. It's beautiful building but it was done in in the the library was done a brutal EST interpretation and it is one of the ugliest buildings on planet earth so the president of the United States issues an executive order last week now again three to four weeks ago. It was one of the very very few things that you could find on a bipartisan basis. On social media it was agreed upon by people on the left and n people on the right that federal architecture needs a makeover. It's like Catholic churches in the seventies after Vatican into my Lord People. Have Y'all seen Catholic. I it is. It's crazy to me in this ongoing Email exchange with friends of mine who were Catholic on the collapse of Catholic architecture after Vatican two now. I'm not Catholic but I do pay attention to these things but you go out and you got got these these just weird churches there though the weirdest designs in it all came out of the sixties and the seventies when and when people want instead of instead of building a cathedral or or a church where you go in and you're overwhelmed by the beauty in you you feel a sense of all it's it's garbage. It's absolute garbage. They should terrible down And and start over with something. That's actually pretty but nonetheless. So bipartisan partisan bipartisan support. Trust me there's a point here. Bipartisan support three weeks ago. On the idea that the federal government needs to to do something about its architecture that we need to get beyond brutalism architecture. The the international standard architecture and air revert to some level of architecture that has a shared sense of history in it so the president of the United States late last week issues an executive order that from here on out all federal buildings need to conform to a neoclassical style of architecture. That resembles that which are founders would have appreciated in the designs of Washington in DC. If you go to Washington DC You'll see what we what I'm talking about here. What the president means? Is You walk down. Pennsylvania Avenue you have some beautiful beautiful beautiful buildings done in a neoclassical style a Greco Roman style if you will and then you get the FBI building in. It's garbage in a couple of these other federal buildings or just absolute garbage coach so the president of the United States issues and executive order. Saying you gotTa do this and again three weeks ago every single person except for one troll roll somewhere in San Francisco was in widespread agreement that something needed to be done. So the president doesn't it. Oh orange mad bad suddenly. There's a defensive brutal scarf protect you from the very people who are condemning. It three weeks ago you got manappl- or what did you know you know the idiot New York Times editorialist aerialist whose who sat there with with Pete Buddha Jr in the editorial board meeting and claim that Buddha judge was behind a price-fixing scandal and Canada. Because boot `age edge worked for McKinsey Consulting McKinsey Consulting. Did outside work for this Canadian company that Buddha had no idea about in Jesse says that's Bull Beep to the guy and the guy's this point this is the same guy by the way who was outraged that LSU would give it students the day off after after the championship game and now he's in defensive brutalism architecture. It's just terrible that Donald Trump would have standard but this this gets to a larger issue. Here there is absolute rage in Washington. DC over the ouster of Alexander von men from the National Security Council in the White House rage rage of Achilles rage. Here's Jake Tapper Talked about this with Rick Santorum on CNN over the weekend do not worry it will be fine for telling the truth. And why do you have confidence that you can do that. And Tell your dad not to worry because this is America..

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