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And he's obviously a power of PTAs and he's told PTA these stories about his life as a young child actor. And so certainly some of this movie is Gary's memories, certainly some of it is Paul's memories, kind of building these things back together. You know that this movie is largely based on true stories because it is deeply idiosyncratic. It is so specific. Some of the journeys in episodes that Gary and Alana get into here could only come from someone's real life. Yeah. I mean, there's like a definite, healthy choice, coupons, quality to some of these things. In a warmer way. And everything that you said about the phases of his career resonates. It is also a later in life PTA's not old. We're not old. Guys, we're all in the prime of our lives. We're doing great, but you can feel that softening and even the way that he is examining as you said and noted in our outline. You know, yet another hustler, like a young character trying to figure out his place in the world, but instead of it coming from that angry young man place, it comes from a place of look at what we've done and look at how great it is to be making this movie. There is a lot of joy in this movie as well. Yeah, I've been describing it as comic and not a comedy. There are a lot of laughs, but it is not. And there are a couple of moments in which it goes sort of broad and you're looking for a big laugh line in the audience. Both screenings that I've been able to attend. It's been a very warm crowd, ready to embrace the movie. But, you know, it's not anchorman. You know, it's not trying to be anchorman. It's a little bit different. And I think, you know, it's also clearly a coming of age story in which the Gary character. And then really, frankly, more the Alana character, I think, is kind of having a lot of realizations about her station and life and what kind of person she wants to be. She endures. And the movie I think is kind of wrong foots you where you think this is gonna be a Gary movie and I think it ultimately does become an a lot of movie and interesting ways. But, you know, Paul has talked about American Graffiti, I think is kind of a signal for this film showing that film to his kids and kind of getting their reactions to it, showing that movie to Alana to Alana heim I'm talking about, of course who plays a lot of Canada the movie Cooper Hoffman, who the son of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman who plays Gary in this movie, I love these kinds of movies. I also love hangout movies. You know, we talk a lot about, I think we think of Richard linklater as the author of the hangout movie in the 21st century. So it was fun to see him. I guess depressurize his movie. You know, did that surprise you that when you sat down because I think we think we have a different set of expectations for a PTA experience..

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