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Radio network, presented by naira betts. Snow chief at the rail coming on, now going to the front. Broad bright four lengths back in third place on the outside coming on Ferdinand at the railway on the outside. It's badger land. They're into the stretch three 16th of a mile ago, and it's snow G now in front of the field by two and drawing away. Drove the second Ferdinand along the inside in second place and closing, but he may not get there. A 16th of a mile ago. Snow team in front Ferdinand is second. They raced to the liar and it's so cheap, winning the bigness. Now here's Bobby Newman and bob the stanovich good evening. Welcome to the weekend stakes preview presented by naira betts. Bobby Newman bob nanovich with a cool dozen races to go over on this holiday weekend edition of the weekend stakes preview not only do we have racing from here in the United States. We've got great racing from north of the border as well. And we've got three days of stakes action to look at bob. Are you ready, my friend? Absolutely, happy Jersey Derby eve to evolve. And I think actually the first race we're going to talk about is an amazing race probably the best a $100,000 6 I've seen in quite some time. Well, we're going to get to that in a moment. We want to remind everybody the 154th running of the Belmont stakes is officially just two weeks away. In fact, two weeks away from tomorrow. And naira betts is getting you ready for it. New customers can enjoy a free $25 Belmont bet and a $200 sign up bonus by using code HR.

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