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You gotta pick force today? I do this one's actually a link to to a friend of mine in linked in probably one of the most talented artists. I know his name's Kelly words. He actually is a concept artist Lucasfilm and I, I actually there was there. It was funny there. There's these pieces of paper from an instructor that he had probably ninety five or six, and it was like how to build certain kinds of of of blends informs e along time ago. And I remember that was like the holy bible of how to do all this. So I, I got that from coli, and but you know, he just kept on going, you know, I, I, you know, I got good enough. He he is am just an amazing natural artists that's also super technical. And what the reason I'm I'm recommending it here is he does a lot of this on his iphone ipad with his finger. So. So when you you'll see like finger painting with procreate, procreate, a lot. But so when you look at a lot of these, a lot of them are being like done with his there. You can see some some time lapses there where he's he's doing a lot of this finger painting in procreate on his ipad. And so if you don't think you can do, you can do art on your ipad. You should just watch this for just a little bit. Fis- is the only place he's here's, it is linked in. He seems to, I don't. I don't know where else he puts it, but he every day or two, he it's worth following him on lengthy, but you can watch him draw. Yeah, he's just watching like an artist actually like work his way through drawing something that is amazing. So if you wanna see what a Star Wars artist, you know what you have to be able to do. If you're a concept artist lucasville this is a good sense, but he's probably again, he's one of the best I've ever I've ever seen. So especially for what we call hard surface stuff. If you don't have linked in account, you can create one for free. I should mention Lincoln as a sponsor, but that's not why they met you. Yeah. And then once you, oh. I guess they posted in here. He has his own website too, so you can. You can look at it there, but just remember that I see it on linked in when it goes by so, but yeah, Instagram coli words, and then coli words dot com. And but you should, you know, I follow him just to see what what I'm going to be in how to feel like I can't do that, but the next Star Wars movie might might have in it. Won't won't have anything. This is all his own, like just hit. This isn't Star Wars stuff. This is this is like what he just he posted on Instagram does at lunch. Here's another. Yes, CO l. i. e. w. e. r. t. z. might be easier just it was on Instagram, look at these. Wow. And just this? Yeah, this is like what he does at lunch. And when he was like waiting for a doctor's appointment. That's the key to being a great artist. Right is just continually draw. Yeah, just practice all the time. And it's just this is on an iphone. Yeah, procreate on an iphone. Wow. Yeah, maybe he'd want a pencil for the iphone. He's he's well. He does so much with his finger, but I think that he definitely he's he's had a couple of post where he's talking about using the pencil and that he, you know, here's what he did on a whiteboard while on hold with insurance company. Yeah..

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