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I'm like, okay. You're right is Lennie Briscoe standing there. So TV I've never seen an episode of that. So I guess we're even. Yeah. The show you've never seen an episode of the ten thousand episodes of law and order now. Oh, you're missing out, Chris noth, and what was Prisco's name Jerry Orbach, those two. Yeah. Benjamin Bratt was a close second to the Chris. No, Jerry Orbach thing. And then it just keeps going on like they were so good at all of them were just a mania. But yeah, a lot of stuff took place in central park. So I feel like I've been there. Here's what you do Minh. Next time. We go to New York. I know that we typically stay downtown stay up by the park. Well, let's just like get out in it. I've developed a taste for the Upper West side. But but but not the park. Right. You're so close I will go out. I'll take a hillock up. Out of my way, I like Lower East Side and Upper West side of my two favorites in New York Hatton. Interesting. Yeah. What you like lower side. I like it. All man. Oh, I mean, my very favorite part of New York York's the west village for shows. Nice. But I like the recited like it in the east village, still grungy. Is there such a thing as the lower west side Wall Street now like well? I mean, Wall Street's all the way down, but I would say like. I mean, I don't think it's called the lower west side. But like the meatpacking district. Okay. Yeah. Like like the high line. That's probably lower west side. Really great. Art galleries in the meat pack. Yeah. Oh, man play. When I first started going, New York that was when it was still shady of there, and like you would walk through like blocks and blocks of industrial meatpacking plants to get to the one bar that was opened the known art of Giuliani came in different clean, the place up. Well, just thank God for him. Right. So the design of central park greensward. Oh, yeah. Like if so much information to go right now should this two parter. I don't know let me ask you has our podcast gotten more conversational. This question aside. Hesitant. I don't know. Okay. I think we've always been conversational. Yeah. But I mean like, this seems like a pinnacle of conversation all let me say this. I think episodes one through four fifty or less conversations than four fifty through twelve hundred. Okay. But what about what about twelve hundred on? I don't know. All right. The greensward plan. If you didn't know anything about central park, you may be under the misconception that they just sort of squared it off in rake some things around and and it was like there's the park, right? And like, let's just protect the screen space. But it was highly highly highly designed, oh, yeah. And apparently, they used as much explosives as would later be used at the battle of Gettysburg supposedly more to blast away rock and move that rock can remember the glacier that moved all that down. That's a big problem when you're trying to build a park. Like planted hundreds of thousands of trees swamps that they couldn't drain they build in further to build like. Yeah. So it was and I don't think anyone really thinks that like, oh, they just walled it up and said now we have a park. But I don't think I even realized how highly it was designed, and which is probably a testament to their design because when you walk around your dislike it all fits, right? That's I mean, that's the thing. Like, they're they went to a lot of trouble to make it look so naturalistic that you just assume that that's what the land always look for and central park is actually highly managed highly designed Greenspace yet exists in rectangle that when you're in the center of it from my from what I've seen in order. You can't tell that. You're you're like in the middle of the city and that like, the the the roads, none of them are straight. They're all meant to curve. There's meadows that kind of like..

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