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Listen this guy's got a topic on the show before he has not been a topic on the show before there is no reason for him to be a topic on the show right now because it is a sports show not some local police blotter show we're not ripping pages from the back of your local newspaper in reading out the crime report yes I'm aware the two gloves was one of a hundred twenty four people arrested as part of a sting operation in Florida I'm also aware that the sting operation was called operation in Santa has not a U. S. you know whoever came up with that had to be really happy with themselves because there's nothing more hilarious than a Christmas themed upon about a prostitution staying at a human trafficking staying what operation bad Santa did not want any of that operation mistletoe operation the nightmare before Christmas yeah I know I know you know all cook up plenty of zany ponds involving Santos chimneys not crackers I just don't want to hear any of them send them instead two one sheriff Grady Judd among man sure of judge he seem to be having himself a time he seemed to really be enjoying himself at the press are for this bust them lose forty four year old Tommy Gainey Tommy Gainey he is a professional golfer in fact he's got this PGA card he's from Hartsville South Carolina he's married he told us that he was here for a charity golf of that and it was to be the like the next mornin tee off did it make it he was a scratch yeah we Google around to see if he was telling us the truth and if you Google or search out and just type in two gloves it comes up with this name so he's been on the tour for quite awhile there's so many things I could say about that with two gloves but I will because my director communications it'll go down hill fast if you do we charge him was soliciting he missed his tee time the next morning Kuwaiti judge sheriff what do you clones down south talking junk I don't know much about sure of judge when I heard that I could wait to find out more moments have been self a day was me he's on the time of his life it took everything he could not to unload and run always material out there two gloves is living a nightmare of his own making allegedly but the sheriff is living a dream mom man is on fire quote he told us he was here for a charity golf event and it was to be the next morning tee off he didn't make it he was a scratch he was a scratch how much was the sheriff holding back there he was practically coming out of his uniform to fire off a couple one liners and starts spewing molten lava he said it a whole lot to gloves man I got some material there but the director of communications won't let me go in come on man look at the material you're giving the sheriff sky go in so many giving directions there are the Christmas theme ponds the fact it do its nickname is two gloves they're all the golf related pines Grady Judd is looking at a dessert buffet full of ponds and he is ready to go ham but the staff is like hold him back it's like taking five staffers hold the sheriff back like whatever zingers you dope sad Grady Judd already had them and had better versions all of them my man was about to turn that presser it's open Mike night at the laugh Jack and yet other lines to like the one he dropped when he was talking about a pastor who was picked up as well quote he failed to tell us Val shout not lie or something what he did Jesus ain't gonna be happy quote what is no fire for that thank you but they pick up a pastor is part.

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