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Money It's only like a couple that have been there long Snyder. He commands zero respect, and by the way he commands zero respect for reasons that are not the same as the rest of us in large part cabal, zero respect for him think about this. He has what is considered on the books to be one of the most valuable franchises in terms of like yield per dollar in the NFL. Jerry Jones, will probably let him go jerry. Jones would sell for meat. If thought, it would get him a dollar, and he's going to let Dan Snyder out of the club happily. That is astonishing because he's done exactly on the books. What you're supposed to do in the NFL, he's maximize the Prophet he's managed to get a lot of money without actually putting out a quality product. That's the dream for an NFL owner to coast. I mean remember like college athletics as a perverse contradiction here, which is that in the pros the idea if you're an owner is to put out as bad a product with as higher profit margin as possible while still keeping people on the hook. And the redskins manages bypass that whole keep people on the hook thing and somehow managed to make more money and college sports. There's really you have to be good like that's. That's the thing. The only thing that matters actually is going to be your output because you can't be too profitable if you're too profitable. If you're too about the dollar, then it's GonNa become noticeable and people are gonNA catch onto the scam. You don't want the scam to be too obvious. Yeah, that's a great point that nobody gets paid dividends off a college football, right? It is this irrational system where people give up all this money just because they. Feel like they results, they want results and the pay that you're getting even in what I would call enhanced benefits packages for recruits at certain levels. The pay is so miniscule that you're the level to compete the bar you have to clear is so low for college basketball if you consider. The rumor is I think the number of Duke for Zion Williamson was what two hundred thousand dollars in this suit. There's alleging that he was paid two hundred thousand dollars. It's nothing that's all. That's all and that's an A. A sport where you have very few people on the bench football where you've got you know at least a three deep deep deep, depending on how you count it on scholarship that price per head goes down in terms of your level to compete point being in college, you actually have to be good in order to keep the pipeline going or everyone goes. The incentive is actually purely tied to wins and losses or the perception of how successful you are, and that last part was by the way for like schools. Schools like Vandy where somebody's winning six or seven against the year. Oh my God. What Miracles David cut cliff at Duke is you know is clear on the eight wind mark then? Yes, we're building statues to him. There will be a statue by the way of current. They still can't get ten thousand people to come to that stadium, which is really not their fault is what happens when your school doesn't have a local alumni base right, but they still get any I'm amazed. They get anybody to go there I. I absolutely amazed because. I just can't imagine like. Yeah, let's go to the stadium for a game. Why do you want to do that? Why would you watch football? I don't know maybe because it has like anti aging properties. If you've seen what happened to David cut clip there was he did. He posted a video about proper mask usage, and how you needed to wash your hands. It'd be careful with covid. Nineteen David cut cliff when he coached at Tennessee. I thought he was going to die. Yes, he. Yeah he you know he had. He had like a an incident with his heart condition. He was coaching Eric Age at one point. Yeah, and I remember that Eric almost killed him like they showed a clip of him in the booth and he had the action look of somebody who did not get enough blood to parts of his body that needed. Yes, thanks to stress and his heart about to give out. Then he posted a video where like I know, he's got new job. He's look. He's got a beard. He's looking slick. How stunned! I could not believe that ain't Is We all like him? I can't find the person who doesn't like him our. Buddy Steve White likes. Don't like nobody. Yeah, nobody would hits it. No and speaking of people who need to wear headsets. You want that Mandera. headset because peyton manning swears by it, so peyton manning says the do knows what he's talking about. He's on. Yes i. have still just waiting. When this Washington thing draw. If I mean, it seems pretty clear to me. That is going to and I've talked to enough people to know. This exists like this is not. This is not something. People are making up. It exists. We just don't know what it is and we'll boy. What's it like to be Rivera right now? I think he's good man. Good while he sorta good right? Ship that everybody's jumping off, but if a new owner comes then new owner is not necessarily onboard with Ron Rivera program well. He's also every coach in the NFL. What's your expectation college? You go man. I got to four years two to four years to go ahead and prove what I got for amount, and then we interface to successful, and if not I go coordinator Gig Okay Ron Rivera. Rodriguez Split mid-fifties yeah, yeah, okay, so rod. Rivera's thinking. What think like you think you go outta probably another five ten years in this profession that I could go sit on a boat. Now a situation where he's going to get a new owner well, does that new owner want to go ahead and just overturn the Apple Cart? No rods, nice rods players love him. Rod is a good dude. Rod has a reputation for being the good dude. You have this pile of burning trash. It was one thing that's not on fire Ron Rivera if I'm the new owner. What's the first thing? I grab Ron Rivera. Everything else I let it sale down the river. Rubber like it is his every relief they got. They got me thinking. Rod Rivera got a sketch pad. He's working all coming up a new voice. Because by the way I think they need to change the name. Obviously you know anything about me. You notice I feel but I also think they need to change it at twenty twenty one. There's no need to do this right now. They are talking about doing. Doing a massive entire rebrand in basically three months, which is the process that typically takes eighteen to twenty four months Gordon. Gar Trail Jerseys that are due to be out there with like whose whose job was to be to try to come up with a new, because clearly, Snyder hadn't thought about this his arrogance and put them in a place that he was not prepared for the inevitability of.

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