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Long answers copied everything they were doing and. He made it famous God. Bless him amid. The ground. Thought was the smashing machine the documentary anthony. And I was like blown away by the brutality, and just how amazingly awesome, but scary that bucket sport was. Hole. was a whole different ballgame. You Brassey. If you look at see now as you look at pride I mean the guy back then, and I'm not saying because I'm older. It was some tough mother fuckers I don't it's the same right now. I don't I. Don't think it's a sign. It's dead. You know the same guys. We are fighting every three or four months, and plus in pride. It wasn't a show or was bit like fucking super bowl every fucking four-month. It was it was a? People they come in there dressed. In informal where you know and Nigeria evening gowns and you know. Business suits it was. It was a hell of a Albany Bet. Is! Your. So, we talked about gauge of people. Gave overlander. Wow? Holding is GonNa win by the way galaxy or I could be Jesse, try. I. I'll pour. More Bridge but. I don't know copies wrestling. I. Think my takeover. Mortgage I think. You got the. Up. Don. Think What's that residents name again? Be. The Russian though is good America. Russ. COMMIES. As Holy. Guy Aggressive. Beat! Jones so beat themselves. Shane, fried? Shame FRY who. I think. I think honestly I think gates. He's GonNa win if they stand on the feet and he gets a couple of good shots on, you'll be. It could be a rap before he gave who is wrestling because he can't. I'm telling you day. The hard knock motherfucker man, and he hits hits harder I think it's harder. Connors Leftist Bananas but I'm just telling you I think. It's time. I. Think and Weans the same thing as I. Did I'm gates? I want to win. Well. We got a guy who's a legend in. MMA one of the funniest people ever. Show mccorkell with us. mccorkell hazards, mccorkell star go fund me for his mask recently were. He's trying to raise fifty thousand dollars for him to wear a mask. House? You're going so far. What we're stuck on a twenty five fifteen of for my girlfriend. Mistress she wants me to wear a mask humiliated, but Yeah. We're still stuck on twenty five so I guess no one. Knows where they seem like they don't care about other people's eyes, the. You. To wear a mask to see. About wearing has gone fried mustache mask I. Think. That would be a BESSEMER. Grow virus a mass to be around Don's Mustache Roy. Stance. Olga! You guys were talking about somebody in the head, but you have you seen the size of my head lightly if I was still. Legal, I would be knocked out the rest and guy I'm fine corner and it was very. His pregnant girlfriend like everybody will get knocked out. Your. Barn door. You have to make that gate that gate. Doors. The. First Time I've ever met on Friday I asked him what he was drinking that day. He said gravel. Shards of glass. Explains the voice. Now shot down so also the people I know he did. Comedies wants what he brought a girl that he had anal sex with. Secular the whole time, and then she got upset, right? Well, no, this is actually it was misconstrued UIL. What happened was. I had a Ho comedy routine. Set Up. You talked me into doing it, so they're not supposed to know I thought you had four and most people have seen me fight. Wouldn't they got fought? You actually very much but Didn't last long, but still I, I come up there in the guy or me as a UFC fighter as I come up, and I was supposed to be a veterinarian. I got some lame thing about how I was event Alderson. I I. Don't know something about how I wanted I. Think what's his name Stole my joke later because this years ago I said that I wanted to be a bet so I found out. There's a lot more involved than just put down cats all day right you know. Have like a joke like that or something so. He says see fires up there and throws my whole routine off. Because by I re- jokes won't work now feeds the fourth and fifth work. 'cause I all supposed to flow together so I happened to be. Sent out there and I see this girl who's a ring cargo just happens to be there I like she's in the crowd. You know and I was like well just ruined my whole comedy routine and. I can tell you a. you got left right to tell you about the first time. I slept with that role right there. and. It was a real interesting. In the face and all kinds of stuff like insane story, but yes, she was not a fan of it, but about half ruined walked when I was doing L. started. Get to walk it out and have a loved it, but yeah the The guys might be yours I. Think are used to be buddy that own the comedy club. Sent me an email later I thought he was telling me good job. He said Hey. Let's get right after Clare Money because they didn't know. Because I made a joke about I. Say ramble gives the worst. Christmas presents I, said that last year she got me. Jiang of the Twin Towers Edition. Started and let it go very well, so. Anal sex with the girl in audience. Talk Did, you talk to. Do Talk to the. Afterward and I said so, what did you think? Because I actually suffer name out loud, and then said the full the trial by face. During the family and everything and it. Got Ridiculous Man Hey, I did watch some shame stimulant cracking up man After we got on your. I looked looked him up and Watched some stuff and it really amazed me I. Take every every chance I get shit on a Brennan shop for the fact that got his. Doesn't have a comedy. Special shops on showtime blows my mind. There's no joe following that job to suck, but. He said shop. This sucks. Comedy I'm like Dude. That funny doesn't have showtime special about British August. Like are you kidding? Came out of the US that following. That's what. Host. GATOR is say flat out. He's just not funny. Wow! I wish I had a friend that loved me enough to give me a career like that like like like. Joe Rogan left British shops so much. He was willing to give him A. If if car dealerships shop would.

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