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Are out there. Not trying to keep up with With my friends and how they are up in in I'm getting Watching aid dark and seeing guys in the ring with on their go get it but as styles Legacy and. I like to throw in a little bit of rock leser because i mean you you run into brock listener at a bar and pissed off. You're going to have a fight while the sorry when he's an wwe. Ray that looks same thing. I like watching Carrying cross that guys in. That has another. He'd be Whilst we got there now Cameron grimes you know kinda yo that shit chicken shit guiding come on and take his pop shots Dexter loomis gold. Dexter lewis is golden. He doesn't even have to crack a smile again. See i feel like you. And i have a lot of the same style as far as the type of stuff. We like to watch another thing. I caught myself watching the other day. Which i'm gonna take a wild guess. I'd say that you're probably a fan of two. I've i watched wrestle kingdom the other day man. I love what i see over there. I love the hard hitting stuff. You brought up brock listener. Here's a fun little side story. I was there. Ring the bell. There's nobel for me to ring. 'cause we're not in the studio but i was there when brock listener one title rainy tour. Now you suit mark about a punch. That didn't look like hit. The main like i swear it doesn't have to it but dude. It just grazed him. If you watched all right back even in a slow mo he hit him in the punch went like this off the biz didn't even hit him flush and if i remember a brock listener had cut damn near thirty pounds. Something like that he was. He was walking news a walking three ten. The cut advise and years rain. You're coming out into that match. A to twenty there was a huge weight disadvantage in that one i mean randy couture wrestle his ass off but now he's he's going on in there with a farm tractor. It sounds kinda familiar to story. That i was just here in a little while ago to twenty against a full-fledged heavyweight but that being said It's it's when you kinda see it when when you see in ghana fight francis again. 'cause he's similar size same kind of statue obviously a little bit. Different dance got those sledgehammer slim and brock was the same damn way in right. Kotla kyle said it with those type of monsters man. You don't have to win clean. you don't have to hit them. You just literally have to hit him anywhere. There could be any touch of anywhere in. That's all it takes anoxia nowhere to hit so even though if you glancing round the side of the head there's a soft spot right here. Behind that year hit the equal leader either liberating year. You got you got you got the temple and then you have where the jaw clinks you can make those back molars go. The guy is gonna go sleep real quick. It's fucked up..

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