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Devin harris from the cool yokich he's up the right wing top the pd yokich threeman we've got the key over the wheel bart throws back to harris he attacks the paint nine foot floater got it is well just got a bump by wayne ellington at the free throw line and devin harris will get an an opportunity he's played well tonight devin harris has good things wollery struggling a little bit tonight and an an one free throw coming up here for devin harris he's got ten police and five assists in the ball free throw is on the way and that one is good ninety two eighty six nuggets within four here comes josh richardson again richardson has it up the left wing we have one minute to go in the third quarter over to holding all the attacks the rim throws out of its winslow touch pass richardson catching go on barton ten foot jump shot is no good blackfoot a rebound down in a colo yokich alba pass over the devin harris there's hasn't behind the three point line gets a bit from yoga goes to the right hand he's in the paint leans in and it's blocked from behind and out of bounds devin harris will inbound it with fifteen seconds to go here on the shock actually it'll be tori craig that'll trigger it in here craig looks in gets into the outlet man to all teach those top two key over the devon harris there's a pick from plumlee peres throws it to yokich deep three jumpers and the nuggets within a digit ninety two eighty nine good little comeback here by debt by devin harris nicola yoga richardson has it across the timeline out there by wilbert throws over the whole triple in the hand off to ellington back to baseline he gets cut off shoots anyway jumpers do just a little late is to air late rotating.

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