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I think he or knew visit it my pillow and dot you realize com now and use this promo is not code how this is Dana going to work because everything that this I've heard is news ninety six point five like W. there was D. no B. O. there was Orlando no group turns first sacred for breaking news so weather and I traffic can't wait twenty and four that's hours what I like a day that's what South Park does South it starts Park goes after now everybody seven thirty they went eight after news ninety that and six that's what's point fun five because you W. know D. B. O. still track everybody a little bit a lingering is equal rain and tonight that everybody we'll take a look can at the be interactive made fun of radar coming up and that's first what our makes top comedy story tropical awesome storm Dorian dumping and it should rain be on the a Windward free for Islands all like that is it gathers strength you know on screw a path to your hit sacred Porto Rico cows in the it eastern should be Dominican a free for Republic all that's the impact what's awesome here on about us it is still uncertain and as the national I hurricane ate center's at latest I can't update wait to keeps watch story it but people in tracking are already in the freaking general direction out and of it's Florida a lot of people on thirteen the left specials are freaking Michael out Brennan says what's across the and carribean islands even will have there a was better the one idea guy was of how like strong I used to always it'll get want to write around for you Dave Chapelle how much it might and not now your strengthen life in as there it just moves like over went off the Bahamas on him into up what no looks one to hurt be a are pretty you full favorable set down environment for intensification and a message he's to funny Floridians though and tonight he's real is a good time to remind that's what everybody I love that they because need to have their card he game plan I and in place obvious and and be ready I don't to put care that if into we action disagree make sure on other your issues prepared I don't care tap hurricane he's guide funny in the news that you six point and five he pushes W. the DDO envelope purposefully apple he's like where's the news line ninety on the six final point line five and W. I'm gonna take D. a running B. over leap over Orlando it turns first that is for what severe you have to weather have a I comedy Tom Terry and he's scattered like one of the only storms moving few off people shore pretty who get quiet it weather tonight then with in more may save scattered comedy storms tomorrow you don't as know he an extended may save five comedy day forecast do you coming think up that four you could times do blazing an hour saddles today good you evening think Richard I'm Pryor Kevin could Rafe do half you saw his routines some lighter today rain around no Sanford as we take a look at the interactive because people radar are so same damn with Deltona up tight right stop now it wait if you're along the coast Brevard county bunch maybe of America Puritans Islander Kennedy Space here's Center the thing scenes appeared of lighter on rain the wrong wedge field area is as well besides they go that ahead pretty kill dry the babies out there eighty six in downtown Orlando stop or data and we're for many talking about that so I told it is you there do is you another think your part team of New York coverage times thing tonight hold up you heard because it on this the windows guy the staff evening writer news he channel knocked nine on states somebody the Alvarez who hurt was his feelings importer on the internet Rico for getting literally ready for Dorian at the same time list for all you to this think stuff that is we going think on is driving across so the island tell me on today your time for a to story start a place whatever complain that's ready and moan for and a major storm that meteorologists conservative say Dorian journalist could reach Porter Rico at we're looking possibly at the past hurricane two weeks strength and they in the did next not twenty four like hours that it's because they C. do world it all the time Orlando everybody else continues and I gave to examples show support for teachers so hold since nineteen on the finest eighty eight so the theme park is offered Brad educators Stevens free admission to the tradition continues here's a columnist for at least the for next The New York twelve Times months the deal is not available and at the gates of teachers he have was to the call one the who Florida just department ended Serdang of education when for she an ID said the card horrible stuff she seven did thirty two it news ninety and six point five W. he went after D. BO Roseanne Barr he's going after other conservatives thank you Maine DEC and hosted all news kinds ninety of stuff six five and W. T. V. anyway O.'s burn he just fat Orlando I mean dot this com is a guy listen who this is Saturday a at seven AM at six PM and again at this Sunday at at at eleven AM social and six PM justice to learn virtue how we.

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