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We were talking earlier about but what you need to loosen the Hoffman yeah where she's going to go spend her time in jail yeah so I'm I'm a dinner last night and more we're talking about the college scandal with the kids were you at dinner the dodo okay discourage. and the. what we're talking about and Mohammed says unlike I thought this was interesting for him to say he said so the moms cheated to get the kids into college. he said. okay he said say that works what are they going to do when they're in college if they're not smart enough to get into the school. well they disclose school she they just keep keep them all along. he said that doesn't make it easier if you can't get into your seat then you can't do the work at U. S. C. which is a good point of the Felicity Huffman sentenced to fourteen days in prison for her role in the college admissions scanned work teen days my god that's horrible so she's been sentenced to an institution a low security correctional institution in Alameda county this is outside of San Francisco I don't know how she's going to make it fourteen days but here's some information about it about what about the the prison okay. so when you get there you're you're issued khaki clothing with your name an inmate number on how nice fence for those three nights usually good and then you would look as good as eva Longoria cars now on week days you have to get up at six thirty and make your bed time is horrible. on weekends. please. you can sleep in till ten AM how to how dare they dictate that to her. I never get to sleep until ten AM is rough do I have to go to prison to sleep we can arrange. now this is all in the inmate orientation handbook. it also says in the hymn book inmates may sunbathe on the weekends so good okay but you must wear a shirt and shorts how may this is this is what this looks like a concentration camp inmates can watch television until eight forty five during the week or eleven forty five on the weekends what one of one of poor foolishly has insomnia these are a lot of fun these days. what do you what they want to give you time to brush your teeth. this is. this is a this is I don't know how she's going to make it. these horrible conditions all but the food is just wretched I mean it probably is rich I'd be curious about the food probably wretched initiate a cell mate or she get around. all all she gets her happy anything else about the prison besides that I'm looking through the handbook I probably should read through it a little more I think it's nice that you sent for it. it's everything's online Gina loves pamphlets yeah probable Colorado I'm a big fan of pamphlets. here like it that there's that you okay you concern bay yeah that's what but you gotta be dressed that see that's that's that's really work on trouble where is this hello morning zero north of San Francisco so the you know the weather will be tolerable yeah couldn't can they can they go out to any of the wineries at all. this version winery excursions I mean fourteen days is an awfully long time to fill the room sexual relationships between inmates are prohibited. just gonna make this. she finally she be allowed visitors there's hobby craft materials okay make you commit crafts oil painting leather craft ceramic do they pay you for it. no I was just you know for you for your personal that's now though no less they pay for it like making license plates. yeah you can make ashtrays will pay you two cents an hour. so it's. it's not it's not what it's not it should be fine it sounds terrible I don't fourteen days of that come on. I don't think you could do it. fourteen days of of only being able to watch TV and tell a Levin forty five I mean come all we talk I don't watch TV what. actually you know compared to your life. good because like the to sleep in until ten o'clock on the weekends yeah I I do it all the time why don't you do it occasionally Tina. well my dog gets up at six thirty every day well are you the only one in the house well it's so you're the only one there that can like let the dog out or do anything with that's my job. okay you can't nobody else can do that doggie door they let themselves yeah nobody else can. Jenny all come down to jail and and get me out of jail just just where I am. jail. all right now. okay let me see if we have any updates because for some reason you dot doesn't want to give me so it's up to you friends of the program. then now what gate is backed up there from the program sent me that SR thirty six in two wheel is a hulking mass there's your traffic thank you that's actually very helpful I appreciate that three three nine eight six snowbirds in your term professes here's our classic German beer food music every Saturday and Sunday through October twentieth get all the details of Snowbird darkroom it's Utah where the day next business sorry well. okay it's coming up all right around one year Boehner's after that though yeah yeah yeah stand by for all of that excel automotive repair it's where you go if you have an automotive that needs repairing I and I I take my car there all the time and all of us do their great mechanics and excel there on the corner of thirty third south of thirty east Stephen Richard and kept and that guy with the tattoos they are terrific mechanics and they're nice they're just nice is anything and will deal with you honestly explain things that need to be done and not over cellular and it's fun to watch Steve CS sighing a problem that you have the like the loves and now emissions tested excel right now nineteen dollars and ninety six cents also oil change your ticket to excel for their nineteen ninety six full service oil and filter change excel automotive repair there on the corner of thirty third south and thirty east you can find out more by going to their website which is simply excel E. 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