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To use Samuelson's sales I'm Morean today talking about making sure you know what you're eating there are literally hundreds of lobbying organizations in Washington DC representing all sorts of groups and people corporations manufacturers commodity groups and certainly agriculture has its share of these lobbying groups so this week on Samuelson says you will not hear my words because I am quoting a press release of one of the lobby groups that is friendly to wag recalled Jr and food called center for consumer freedom this past week the group placed ads in the New York Post and the Wall Street journal to point out the difference between fake meat and real meat let me now pulled from the press release we created this campaign to educate consumers who may assume with foods with a title plant based are healthy with market research finding that nearly forty percent of plant based protein consumers want to avoid process food the center is educating consumers about the catalog of processed ingredients that are used in fake mates will Kaghan managing directors said despite what the name leads people to believe plant based meets are made in industrial facilities not gardens fake meat companies are trying to promote a health halo over their products but consumers should know that imitation meat is highly process and in some cases they have more calories and sodium then the real playing the company's pushing out fake maids are not telling the full story many plate meat products are heavily process and couldn't have more.

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