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He's out with a season ending injury last night at baker's. I feel house what exactly happened on the play. What did you see? Well, I thought at first he was trying to jumper decide maybe whether or not to jump and trying to fly the full length of the court pass from Kyle Lowry. But Victor actually said after the game that he slipped. Yeah. He swept his knee buckled. And then immediately. After looking down at his name. He motioned to the bench. And that's when I from media thought oh bleep and you knew right then and there that was not good. And certainly when you saw the train bath, you know, call for the paramedics and the scratcher. That's when you knew this just wasn't a ankle sprain. Was he was he next was under the basket next to the Pacers side or was he on the opposite side of the court. Optus side. Yeah. So emotional all the way down to them than actually the head athletic trainer for the raptors came out. I mean, he knew for awhile right away. I think the severity of it though, he came out and put a towel over Victor shoulders. And that's when the Pacers dot Cornell took the towel and put it over his knee. And I was another sign that you knew this. Not good at all. Kevin Bowen from ten seventy the fan. So what we have here is a ruptured tendon in the season is over. He's going to have surgery at a date to be announced coming up the recovery time here Kaby anywhere from eight to twelve months. Correct me if I'm wrong, I believe this is the same type of injury that Tony Parker and Charles Barkley had and their careers is that right? Correct. And those guys are much much older when they suffered those injuries. I think both of them were in deep into their thirties. There's not a lot of professional basketball players that have had this sort of injury, or at least, you know, well documented on the back injury rehab and the timetable for them to get back. Yeah. I would say right there. Eight to ten twelve month ballpark seems to be kind of the general area. Of course, the biggest question is just not only getting back, but getting back to the level of athlete. Victor, all depot is without a doubt is strongest asset is that explosive, you know, really relentless attacking style that he has towards the basket. This is not a dead ivory point shooter is not a guy with some meal. Unbelievable. Ball handles from point guard standpoint. He did downhill and attacks the basket and plays a lot bigger than six four and because of his elite athleticism. That's why he's able to do that. So that's the question. I have with this rehab isn't so much time. Obviously time plays a factor. But you can he get all the way back k b what was the reaction to victim. Depots teammates initially right after the injury. What kind of emotions did you see on their faces? And then how eventually did they respond to after the game kickback back in? They were stunned miles Turner. I would say right away put his hand over his mouth. I think looking down at the knee. They rolled up me beneath leave it. He was wearing on. I right knee. And that's when you knew there was some sort of dislocation displacement, something was wrong. And he just got so eerily eerie quiet inside of bankers life field out. There was a weird weird feeling where it was on a pretty lively crowd for a week night game. Some probably some this calls towards the home team early on played into that the fans realize how big of a game that was Toronto the best team in the east. And I it was definitely quiet. I would say throughout half side. But then I thought with their play in the second half the Pacers just were a bit reenergize. Thaddeus, young was outstanding. And they got a big big win. So it was it was a really commendable opera by that group to rally together after you're just watching your star pretty much knowing that it's even had ended. So Kevin ware the Pacers go from here. Do they write out this season with who they have do? They try to make a move day. Try to make a trade. I keep hearing Michael Connelly's name out there. I know Carmelo Anthony hasn't been signed by anybody are the Pacers look into bring anybody in. Or is this the group we have they're going to go with it? Macmillan said they're still evaluating those things right now the trade deadline's not till February seven I would touch Carmelo Anthony with a ten foot pole. I think at this point of his career. I would ride out probably what you have on this current roster. You know, we have to think about if you're Kevin Pritchard the team president this. Are you going to make a run by adding a mic Conway or insert? You know, be sent to good choir here, and you probably aren't going to make a run. And when I say make a Ron I'm saying Eastern Conference finals or beyond. So I don't think it's worth sacrificing those resources. Now having said that that probably means the season about going to live up to anywhere near decks vacations. You know, we had had, you know, maybe even if we had this conversation twenty four hours ago. But I just think that's the reality of the situation that you're an I would not sacrifice again long term. You know, draft picks y'all got that cap space. I would not do that for maybe a quick 'cause I just can't see anything leading you to you know, a deep into Mayorga Kevin Bowen from ten seventy the fan covering the Indiana Pacers. K b thank you so much. Yep. Let's go now live to the president. Who is speaking about the government shutdown? They pay a pro rated down payment for the wall, which I think people agree that you need you need the wall. In fact, I see a lot of the Democrats are up almost all of them are breaking say, look walls are good was a big difference from what you had two or three weeks ago, and the vote we had the vote on our Bill, which we won fifty to forty seven that was our Bill, but we got one democrat fifty to forty seven and we need as you know, we have to get sixty we'll have sixty votes. So we need democrat support. We didn't get democrat support other than from actually wonderful man, as you know, Senator mentioned and who's doing the right thing for his people mean he's doing the right thing for West Virginia. Frankly. And the other Bella was fifty to forty four and that included a lot of hurricane relief for a lot of different things. So it's sort of not something some of them really voted for the hurricane relief, which I felt I needed that was fifty to forty four, but you need sixty. So that didn't go anywhere. So we knew they both were not gonna go anywhere. We thought. And now Mitch is negotiating with. Chuck Schumer, and we'll see what happens. I think they just left a meeting. They just had a meeting. I think they're going out to see that people, but they just left. So we had two bills. I think we did very well the Republicans held except for two Republicans L to or not there. They couldn't they weren't able to be there. So were two non votes. But even with tunein votes. I think they would have been good votes for us. It's fifty to forty seven we won. But we need sixty votes because of the sixty vote rule, and so I just really wanna thank the Republicans for holding again on the other one that was the opening up fifty to forty four, but you need sixty votes. So it's a long way short and a lot of that a lot of those votes were based on the fact that there was hurricane relief for certain states. Spending without money for the wall was you're just just reopened. Why wouldn't be happy with it? I wouldn't be happy. But we have a lot of alternatives honest. We have everybody look for the most part people in grave what I say everybody. I would say almost everybody agree we have to have border security. We have to have a wall in order to have border security. You cannot have order security without a wall. And then we can play games, and we can talk about technology. We can talk about drones flying around right now. Formed is an eight thousand person caravan and the caravan is heading our way, congratulations. We have another one we stopped the first one we stopped the second one. I wouldn't say that Tijuana's too happy, but they're happily living in Tijuana right now and a lot of them have gone back, but we stopped them. But it's very tough. And if we didn't have a wall in those areas that would have been very hard to stop them. We have the military and we have the voter patrol. They've done an incredible job in ice has done. An incredible job all over the country. Frankly, we've removed thousands of MS thirteen and others out of our country. But if we had a wall, we wouldn't have that problem. It would be great. So we have a lot of alternatives. But I'm just honored that almost all of the Republicans voted for Bill Bill is the Bill that we were really focused on, but we had almost all of the Republican. So the end result was fifty to forty seven. The Democrats lost one. That came over to our side. So they pretty much held and we held and again, we're we're missing two Republicans. They couldn't vote they.

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