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Kevin Durant. Kyrie irving. Leonard James harden, Anthony Davis, Klay Thompson, Damian Lillard, Ben Simmons, lamarcus Aldridge Karl Anthony towns, Bradley Beal into Wayne. Wade Wade was added at the end by Adam silver. So was Dirk Nowitzki on team Jaanus team Jaanus has Steph curry. Joel Embiid Paul George Kemba Walker. Chris Middleton, Nikolay Yokich. Russell westbrook. Blake Griffin de ngelo. Russell Nicola Busa bitch and Kyle Lowry. Well, don't they got Yoenis? Okay. Lebron's team is five and a half point favorites. The I'm taking a points to the over under tonight. Two. Let's go with. Let's go with three ninety five. What? Just feed ridiculous. It's three hundred twenty can I have one dollars three twelve and a half three twelve and a half is the okay. Yesterday. I was watching the practice. So they had this on MBA TV yesterday. So they had the coaches miked up, and they had different players miked up in there hanging out there. Talking South Korean boot Holzer who's coaching the team Mike Boone Jose from the box. They're talking on the court, and he's telling staff like, hey, just watch out like Jaanus doesn't know that you're not supposed to try. So he's gonna try. So I just a heads up like he's actually going to play today like ease. He's trying to win the game. So I'm taking the points and team Jaanus over I'm gonna take the over. Can we parlay that with the over? It can we do that depends on your site. We will you take team. Lebron is that what you're doing with? I don't I don't care. Well, I would like your opinion. I sure look named the players again. I'm gonna take team LeBron I like, Steph curry and Yanni's. I think. And Russell Westbrook. Players in the NBA are on the bronze team that other squad has pride LeBron. Yeah. Great boy Lincoln coach him okay yesterday. So all the stuff going on in Charlotte all the players met the media yesterday as well in Anthony Davis. Comes out speaking to the media acting like, oh, I've never said anything behind the scenes, I didn't say I had a list of teams. So here's Anthony Davis yesterday saying that the list, there's a list, I I never gave a list whatever lists that came out. No, my agent and developers. Oh. It's true. But then he also says that because he was asked Boston was in on the list. Why was in Boston on the list? Here's Anthony Davis. I'd never say wasn't on my list. I never said it was not on my list. I never said it was not on my list of Chicago. Well, he went on NBA TV later in the day. And he said that all twenty nine teams are on his list. Okay. So the magic are now interested in John Paxson, gar Forman. Are you back on the list? Have you made the list, no money? What is Anthony Davis looking for a destination for his next place and play obviously saying offers?.

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