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Democratic contest yeah Bernie Sanders has a comfortable lead he's followed by P. booted edge than in the clothes are meanwhile Joe Biden saw the writing on the wall for his bad chances in New Hampshire and he already left for South Carolina earlier today on MSNBC Biden was managing expectations again Sanders we assume goes right as I said I didn't mince any words I think I'm an underdog here and Bernie one this one twenty points last time he's got a next door neighbor managing these kind of real from three general going here and but there are still feel good Amy club chart needs to do well in New Hampshire I'm joined in studio by a whole host of analysts including and fears Daniel Kurtz Laban Daniel let's talk a little bit about Amy Klobuchar she's enjoying of what our campaign anyway is characterizing as a moment somehow realism it's a great question I mean listen she did reasonably well in Iowa which for her campaign is to say that she exceeded expectations and that is again what we may be seeing here in New Hampshire and you'll listen when you talk to a lot of voters I talked to a lot of Iowa voters who told me who had any clothes are as their second or third choice he said you know I like her well enough I just might go caucus for so and so and it seems like she has taken hold now that said I don't know how or where she goes from New Hampshire she is not pulling very well among black voters for example which could hurt her in South Carolina I don't think she has money how much money this year well I mean that's a great question she may well have picked up some fundraising after I will but again it depends on how quickly she is burning it because she just did have a new ad by we saw some new ads came out for her in Nevada today so she whatever money she is taking and she may well be spending it so the question is how much she is how much she is able to capitalize upon whatever energy there is in the quote unquote moderate lane now that said I think the whole framing of this in terms of lanes a bit overplayed because voters do not necessarily think of this ideologically okay I'll we understand that Elizabeth Warren is actually speaking of this moment let's listen in their voices heard.

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