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Which we think is back tie i think it would be very fitting to be i guess you know after diana military uniform meter take off some of these medals and listen up shit out put a talk song yeah exactly exactly that and of these maybe harry will put his bathing shorts on we've seen in knows what how the evenings gonna end you know but i think it's very exciting for meghan gets with to dresses as well so we know the he does things very formerly when people are windsor sandringham they change for dinner and today's like christmas day that can be up to three or four times so i would imagine this is is going to be what happens so the other things that we also know in terms of the wedding day we also know that the cake has been made by that kind of very smart baker clap tack and the flowers are going to be done by philip critic so we think that she has she's working with the of buckingham palace and windsor castle both do all the floor street in the chapel and also today great the evening venue at for which is going to be marquee and also using the grounds and the house i'm sure the go to town i'm sure invest into things for the progressives overhead floral arrangements that's right so floral arches and that real english country garden vibe i think i mean i'm very fighted about hanley sneak peak the chapel in the morning just so we can smell what it's going to be is i think it's volume i think the white golden raises peonies economic on that kind of salt on the census as you step in there as a guest it's gonna be very memorable be lovely the music of course in the in the chapel will be the choir george's chapel will have a cellist sheku can mason nineteen year old who won bbc young musician of the year in twenty sixteen we've got karen gibson and the kingdom choir they are very excited and it's great to have a gospel choir oversea in the chapel we've got the bbc national extre of wales english chamber orchestra and the philharmonia as the.

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