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Thus the lead up to the middle of March was a frenzy of activity and action on all sides. Now as the plan to assassinate Caesar started to come together. One question that kept coming up was where would be the best place to make the attempt on Caesar's life, where would be the best place to attack him from what I read, there were a few options. The assailants were considering. One thought was to attack Caesar as he was walking across one of the bridges that spanned the Tiber as he would have nowhere to run or scape too. If he was on the bridge, when the attempt was made, another option tossed around supposedly was simply to surprise him by attacking him in the middle of the crowded via sacra or the sacred way, which was one of the main streets that he would have had to travel down often given the location of his home near the forum. And yet another option was to attack him during one of the gladatorial contests that Romans were so fond of at this time as at that time, a group of armed men would not have stood out so much among crowd, and the chaos of the assassination would have been buried in the noise and commotion of the gladiator games in modern times. Think of someone making an attempt on the life of a notable figure during a professional football game. The assassination attempt would just be. Additional noise and the chaos that followed would be dimmed against the backdrop of the game itself. But none of these plans were determined to be viable options. And the primary reason was because as dictator, Caesar, when he needed to travel in public and walk through the streets of the city, he was surrounded by twenty four liquors and what were these twenty four liquors while these twenty four liquors were twenty four, very large, very strong men who acted as guards for Caesar. They were the ones according to bury Strauss, that as Caesar made his way through the public streets quote, open the way through the crowds and carried out arrests and whippings and quote, and to top off their size and physicality. Strauss also says that these liquors each carried quote, a bound bundle of wooden rods with an executioner's axe on the outside. And quote, if the conspirators tried to attack Caesar in the street or anywhere else. For that matter, they would have had a hell of a time trying to get to them. But there was one place that Caesar would not have anyone else around him and that was in the Senate house. No one else was allowed to enter the Senate house, but senators this made it the best place for the attack as Caesar would essentially be unprotected in the Senate house. It would also be the least expected place to carry out such a grizzly act. It was from the conspirators perspective. Perfect. So the conspirators being well aware through all of this, that Caesar was leaving town for an indefinite amount of time for his invasion of Partha on March eighteenth now needed a formal Senate meeting to be scheduled prior to that date so that they then carry out the act and in true tragic fashion. It was Caesar himself who gave it to them. Sources say that Caesar himself called the Senate meeting that was to take place early on March fifteenth. Again, the ides of March. And why did Caesar call this meeting? Well, there was a rumor and no one knows for sure if this is true, but the rumor certainly adds color to the story. And the rumor was that Caesar's cousin Lucious Cada was to make a major announcement to the Senate with Caesar's endorsement. And that announcement was that the priests in charge of the sibling books had quote news to report and the sibling books were sacred books to the Romans as they were supposedly purchased from Greek, Sibyl by the last king of Rome. And just so you know, symbols were a group of ancient Greek women who are seen as oracles and these books. The sibling books were often referred to in times of tumult and crisis in. Rome for guidance. And in this instance, when the sibling books were consulted regarding Caesar's invasion of Partha, the book stated that only a king could take down the parties. So again, the rumor was that the announcement that was going to be made at the Senate meeting was that Caesar be made king for his war with party to be in line with the forecast of the sibling books..

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