Cliff Scheckter, Vic Berger, Health Insurance discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder - 1697 - Documenting The Triumph of Idiocy w/ Cliff Schecter & Vic Berger


You are listening to a free person at the majority importantly sam receding support the show and get another fifteen minutes daily prevents majority dot s and please jarrai rapport with sam c it is friday october thirteen friday that 13th 2017 my name is sam cedar this is the fivetime award winning majority report we are broadcasting live steps from the industrially ravaged go honest can now in the heartland of america downtown brooklyn usa on the program today it's scary friday but it's still casual of cliff scheckter will be joining us to look back on the week that still seems to be going on forever endeavor also joining us filmmaker from super deluxe vic berger will be joining us on the program meanwhile donald trump the funds the obama care subsidies potentially leaving millions without health insurance millions more without health insurance simultaneously trump tries to scuttle the iran deal kicks it back to congress wealthy democratic donor thomas dyer says his cash comes with impeachment strings and puerto rico just awarded five billion dollars in new death bringing them to nearly seventy nine billion dollars in debt and over a million of its residents do not have clean drinking water and at least a million more don't have electricity but they got that debt keep them warm joe mansions the key to republican tax cuts and the the white terrorists to nearly blew up an airport that you've never heard of because his wife all that and more on today's program ladies and gentleman.

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