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Spider-Man. And then it's like, you guys have to make a Spider-Man shirt. It's like, well, we can't. We can't tell us. We can't sell a strip that's a spider. We don't want to get sniped by marvel. Yeah. All right, fed questions. This one is from undertaker. You guessed on the show last week. Yeah. Which show was better in your opinion. I personally like SmackDown pat's commentary in the first match was gold. I mean, again, SmackDown was shorter. SmackDown's always better because it's two hours. Yes. Clearly. And when neither show was really good, you just go with the shorter show. Right. Kyle foxton since Vince can't have two people with the same last name on the show. Will Nikki get her last name back since carrying cross is no longer with the company. Possibly. Well yeah, she's dropping the superhero gimmick, then makes sense. Or they'll just call her Nikki. Yeah. Or just Nikki ash. Yeah. Because who cares? Or just ash. Yeah, Nikki cross a bit. Alan Castro. Our buddy. Hey, comic palooza has started announcing guests. Will, what's wrong with wrestling be there and who do you hope they announce next? What's wrong with wrestling? Yeah. Yeah, maybe. Well, if we got a table like the first time when it's Aaron hook us up, I don't know. It's usually in May. You know, at wrestle con, there was like two podcasts that had gotten tables. There. Hey, Aaron Garcia, if you can get us a table, that'd be awesome. We love you. Oh, he's not affiliated. Oh, well, anyone else. That is affiliated. It is in July this year. I think that my brother for Maven's table, I think it was like 500 bucks. Yeah, we're not going to do that. I mean, but then you have all the wrestlers there. You can just go talk to them. Yeah, and they'll be like money. No, not to get a vendor badge. Yeah. They started announcing guests. I only see like one, oh, okay, it's like a swipe, Edward James ulnas. Oh, Robert Patrick. From peacemaker. Jackie earle hilly. Yeah, that only see a few names. There's only three. I don't see any wrestler names yet. Not yet. All right, whisper in the wind, if or when Finn joins edges stable. I feel like Finn could easily turn on AJ at some point during a tag team match. I mean, let's hope. Let's hope that happens. Yeah. Jeremy E pushed fire Barry potential Judgment Day members. Ciampa, Balor, Ripley. Push, push and push. Well, yeah, they should all be in it. Correct. I would push Ballard though. Push the ball. He's the very Ripley and fire Champa. Yeah, I'd love to see them all in it, but I think it would be cool for Ripley to be with them. Yeah. But baller number one. The successfully ruined Becky drew hurt business edge Damien AJ repeatedly tried to ruin KO on a regular basis, all that's left is Roman and Cody. It says those self sabotaging what gives this week has been top 5 worst Ross SmackDown. Well, we're not going to stand with you. It's bad. No, no. Tim, hey guys, first time commenting, but I just want to thank you guys for making me laugh every week. Our welcome. That's so sweet. Gonna make me bust. All right. I mean, if you find someone saying Spider-Man, as funny as we do, you're in for a fucking riot. That'd be hilarious, everyone else is like, that was stupid. Alex mihailoff, instead of acknowledging Cody, now Roman is in a feud with drew, why bother having Cody saying he's coming for the title. If he's not actually gonna do it, they don't have a good track record with long-term booking. Because you plant the seeds, you let the plant grow, and then you fuck the plant. Fuck the plant. Well yeah, but he's right. They don't have a good track record with long-term. No, they don't. Hopefully. This one is an exception. Correct. SummerSlam. You know? Fingers crossed, eh. JT Pisani. Okay, here it goes. Imagine going through a whole week of work, hoping to finally watch a decent SmackDown. Only to see Lacey McLaughlin asking you for a rehome to rehome a German Shepherd again. You guys can change the name of the podcast and told these intervention like chapters stop to what's wrong with Lacey. Yeah. Yeah, that's going to be our new side podcast. Spider-Man. I feel so bad for her. Let's root for her. No. Let's not. Pop culture junkie. Hey guys, just rewatched your Patreon show on no holds barred nearly died from laughter. I think that's a movie that needs to be recapped again with the up to date soundboard when can we get you three to give us a double feature recap of suburban commando and mister nanny. Keep up the awesome work. Double feature. I mean, my eyes. My eyes. I mean, we do need something for may. That's true. We just may do that. Oh, I hate myself. Alex produced a few weeks late. I have no question just want to let you know that my friend who doesn't listen to the podcast just knows about it because of me met Eric at WrestleMania weekend at a wrestling show. Eric gave him a card and everything. It's not fair. I'm poor and can't afford WrestleMania tickets LOL. This Alice, I really like you, Eric. Well, I mean, it's understandable. Rito's like, shut up. If he would have let me know what a sign the card. And he could have given you another one, you know? Jacob a hertz, and then you could sell it to rito for like $200, maybe. I'm selling best friend coupons. Jacob airs if you had to pick a female wrestler from AEW who would you see being successful in WWE? I mean, Brit baker. Yeah, right. For sure. I mean, that I don't even know about thunder rosa. I don't know what they do with her. Yeah. She'd be with Asuka and they'd both just muttered gibberish. Right, right? Just scream a bunch of gibberish and go sub Johnny drip drip. How does the jobber getting squashed by veer have more of a backstory than veer? That's so true. Oh my God. Wow, this guy really took his shot viewer who had 6 months of promos. Yeah. Boris Lombardi, Lombardi, after Friday SmackDown episode who's most likely to take the title off of Roman, my tip is actually riddle, just the tip. Your tip is wrong. They're saying after roads or no, just roaming now it's got to be roads. It has to be roads. People think one of the tire two at UK, but I don't know. I mean, it would be cool, but I think that'll be more like a Shawn Michaels. You think Roman's gonna lose both titles and the span of like a month? No, I don't. There's no way. No. Well, I think they don't be like when Sean fought British bulldog in London. They thought Sean was gonna lay down, but then he had a meeting with vin man. He beat Brisbane. That's right. I'm not your buddy, guy. Do you venture pal guy? Yeah. Do you think Bert Hanson will be able to get his job back at stemi's barbecue after his lifelong dream to become a professional wrestler was ruined? Well, of course, he promoted him on national television. He'll get some extra tips. But hopefully he'll get some money. Hopefully he'll get some recovery time. Some paid time off. After being murdered, you're murder. On TV. Extra dollars. Alan Kim it is Josie troll that Tony Khan is talking about. Oh, he's one of them..

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