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App. The Monday roundup is brought to you by autozone. Getting. Zone. Autozone. A we're on the topic of idiots or people who don't do their research or don't take care of the facts that are most important to the issue at hand. I wanna bring up a story, and I'm just going to get out ahead of the trolls the Pacers have named Kelly Krauskopf as their first as their assistant GM. And now, she is the first female assistant GM in NBA history. This according to Adrian mode Eurocity who broke the story today, and she'll be the first woman to ever fill this role. She was previously the WNBA's Indiana fever's president and general manager in the past. And I know it's because of my own history with people even at our company who are paid professionals and not your standard. Social media internet troll that the response so often to women getting these jobs is this is a quota fill where is she qualified? And I just wanna get out ahead of those fits because I think it's such. A sad state of affairs for people who oftentimes like in the case of Catherine Smith who was named a quality control coach for the bills under Rex Ryan, people didn't even know what a quality control coach job is they didn't know anything about Catherine Smith, and that she had spent a decade plus working for Rex run in a multitude of positions. And they immediately came out to she wasn't qualified and that kind of response that's in two thousand eighteen is just it's not even enraging. It's more causes me too. I roll and feel sad for people out there that are still so stuck in the past. Well, and we certainly look at these I understand there's some differences between the WNBA and the poor. We're seeing more and more crossover. We had Derek Fisher on the show on Friday became the new coach of the sparks. We're seeing more and more crossover from MBA WNBA. Frankly, I think if there's anything learn to my time bristle WNBA NBA players have tremendous respect for each other. They all seem to love each other's game. So I don't see why we won't see more and more of the integration from Boulter actions in front. Offices and coaching staffs, and you look across cough. She has seventeen years experience as the fevers president and GM she's overseeing the Pacers e sports team in the NBA two K league. She helps select the roster for USA basketball women's national team. She was the first director of operations for the WNBA helped lead the fever to a championship USA basketball to three gold medals. I mean, she's got the resume. So if you're if you're argument is that she's not qualified because she's a woman the slap your own self upside the head I don't want to do it.

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