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Triplets represent a threat not just to one really expensive piece of American spy hardware but to the basic functioning of modern America itself, I, want to put a comment about General General Raymond General Raymond undeniably is one of the finest military officers in American history. So I was thinking a few days ago what other? American military leader I would compare him to, and I thought for a while I said. I think the person he most reminds me of is General Omar Bradley General. Bradley was the commander of US forces at the Normandy invasion on D Day. He was an excellent he oversaw Katyn denise. By me oversaw patent and he he was over patting patent technically was under him. I mean I'm Oh. My body was technically under patented Sicily but. Bradley was the commander was chosen by Eisenhower to be the commander of the of the leader of the forces going into Normandy Omar Bradley was excellent military strategist, very, very, highly intelligent excellent leadership abilities. You know just ability to motivate men to get the job done. He was a very gold goal oriented person and I think General Raymond has the same characteristics. I. Consider him to be as I said before one of the finest military experts in American history. No, that's that's pretty big coming from Youtube wreck but not a lot of people know about this guy. Now. A lot of people don't even know about this space force face force is absolutely necessary I. don't even protect all our military satellites and civilian satellites as far as that goes some of the GPS satellites. military reconnaissance satellites, and military communication satellites and military navigation. Everything, every transaction we do from credit cards to everything else is all done through satellites now. So our whole economic posture in the in the in the United States and all over the world is tied into satellites. you know there's there's some discussion. Now we need a version of the space force, not some discussion. This is absolutely necessary that space force continue onto the moon. We may have to protect astronauts on the Lunar Gateway we may have to protect our assets on the lunar surface. We did. You know those are all very important things and you've got Russia and China. Now building a base at the South Pole, which is the same location we want to build but even more interesting enough they're building a base at the South Pole, which is at the same general area where these structures are depar- selasih structures. Now I don't know where that's a coincidence or not, but I do know one thing if these structures are artifacts and I think it's a very, very likely ninety, five percent or better that they are. We don't know what advanced technology might be in these things you know could be advanced energy production communication systems who knows what? Who knows yeah what would happen if we gave up project artists gave up the space for us the Chinese the Russians build a base they go over to this structure they get access to technology that could be two, hundred, several hundred or several thousand years ahead of our present technology. That would great. It would be a scientific catastrophe and a military catastrophe of unbelievable proportions I. think that's why president trump is very correct. I don't know what what the president knows about Selah or not..

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