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The lounge I felt comfortable. The main room, basically, really? Worry about and it had a certain amount of minutes too long. They let you go. Because this was your was your. Yeah. Yeah. Twice. That's another thing we had the kind of people and random you're entirely different people yet. They weren't being counters. They were they were just yet. Somewhere from somewhere. Well, the gaming and the understood hospitality. S A slot machines for secondary. Put into. Entertainment and they treated entertainers with respect. And it's it's nice. The bookers. And. Right. I love but. Right. Right. Wait a minute. Your sillier. Keep you updated. Now, there are some classic stories about all your performances onstage. How you just you went into Madame? Butterfly. You're seeing Italian and I said to you. And you just you talked about the and control it. Go to America because from a friend of mine who was the upper politics, and I felt very proud ultra. How on earth? Did you go from, you know, just give me a touch of your wonderful mastery of the Italian language. I had a friend. Listen, Franken Parrella, really. Another one is best to keep you updated. Whoever I mentioned just passed away. He would listen to the opera, and it got me listening to the opera. And I I we used to go to the metropolitan. I would go in Chicago. And I got hooked voice voice. Your wonderful singing voice. Yeah. Like these kits today. They may big listen, but I start off in a high and go into. We didn't sing songs like, you know. I know when the right one comes along, I know, but it's. So we give me a touch of the Italian. Son. You don't know you have no idea what you said. I want you to do just a taste of the matter. Butterfly. That's the best one. The thing would not a butterfly. Japan and he met butterfly. She's pregnant they got married she's pregnant and he's getting under ship. And she thinks they have the greatest. By one. And she sings. Ooh. Nothing.

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