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Dive into the injury report and figure out who means most of the Packers who could be on the sidelines for Thursday's game against Seattle. Time to go to Seattle. The emerald city infected with Greg bell of the. Tacoma news Tribune joining us on the Packers playbook. Greg is a hotdog sandwich. Yeah. Between Brad I would say that. Okay. That's a topic for next week show. I mean. Yeah. Between bread. Okay, minority there. I think that's a good clean answer. And he didn't have to think about it. So I think you believe it to be true. Welcome to the program. This is what we discuss other show. The home of rock. I I should be careful where I tread. Talking to experts what what is the signature food out at CenturyLink. What do you have to get when you're out there? Or anything seafood at ivory clam chowder is one of the signature places here in Seattle, and it comes right out of there. The ocean Elliott day and pretty much anything with seafood. As a kid valley burger that they have a fast food joint to that stand in the stadium for. I a seafood institution outer. Well. We'll get it done. Absolutely. We're not traveling out there. But maybe somebody will package up some and send it to us. About this matchup intrigued by the matchup, Greg, and we were talking about in our last segment the Seattle defense did not exactly the legion of boom here, but they still seem to play very fast. And I I am as nervous about just the environment at CenturyLink than I am anything else. But there appears to be some holes. Here teams are running a little bit on Seattle teams are scoring a little bit on Seattle. And I guess it's it's reflective in their foreign five record. You nailed it. The teams are running on the chargers ran on them. Rams and Todd Gurley run. Everybody, of course. But they ran on him and the games they have lost. They generally not been able to stop the run very reliant even more so than when they had Sherman and comments and chancellor in the second data bear reliance on getting the ball out turning baller haven't done that the last two games either. They had sixteen takeaways after they seven games after they beat the trade twenty eight fourteen on October twenty eight and they were plus Hanan turnover. Second in the league they've had zero turnovers since Las both games. So they're giving up a lot of yards. And if you can get the ball out you get away with that. But if you're getting a potty yards and not give the hall out here and get scored on. And that's what's happened the last couple of weeks and all sorts of the run it because when they got the turnovers early in the season is when they forced teams that's row when quarterback Matthew Stafford had the throw they got Harry through interceptions. Fumbled the ball sack fumbles at Frank. Doc was getting off the edge. Both haven't happened in recent weeks because teams don't have to throw the ball. They're throwing when they want to rather than they have to you've seen that with the Packers this year having a better running game helping Aaron Rodgers that has been of all the things that have gone through lacking a pass rush who've been a big one but lot stopping the run is allowing teams to dictate the Seahawks vice versa. And it's really hurt him recently. It's been about six weeks or so since the Earl Thomas injuries. So how has the defense adjusted to his absence or or is this all just a part of it? Well, you're not gonna replace Earl Thomas Cedric Thompsons trying to the second round the second year from Colorado last year that did not play at all. Of course with Thomas when he was around and Thomas breaks his leg at the end of September. And suddenly Senator Thompson's of starting free safety the NFL's teams target him. And that's where they go because especially because Bradley make stupid at strong safety next thing. So good. Tampa Bay Buccaneers starter has been Greg relation really replacing chancellor at strong safety ashore tackler in the open field running supporter. Gordon coverage is also a free safety type is even played cornerback before. So he's good in pass coverage down the field as well. So Thomson becomes the guy. They pick on. And so I don't know how you adjust a losing a hall of fame caliber player hilltop. So we're gonna lose him anyway after this year after the contract situation how that was all going down. But they counted on having him for this year. Otherwise young secondary. And now, it's Bradley McDougal. It's the senior guy who is the most experienced wish to kill Griffin moving from right cornerback to replace Richard Sherman. This is a new secondary that a guy like Aaron Rodgers will exploit trae flowers. Look for him Thursday night. He'll be thirty seven number thirty seven in blue. He's a guy. Rodgers probably gonna target. He's a rookie cornerback round draft picks Bahama state at the Seahawks converted from safety summer. He had never played cornerback at any football before they've made him a tall rangy Richard Sherman size tight corner is held up. Pretty well. But he's only defended five passes this series. You have to have an interception. And that tells you through nine games that he really hasn't been picked on for the lack of experience you can bet. Aaron Rodgers is gonna find him that he tends to find with all the games played the Packers. He has avoided guys like Sherman intends to find the weaker links. And and I can remember many games. Both at Lambeau at CenturyLink field that Rogers gone after guys like Jeremy lane or people that would be the weakest play players in the secondary. The most the least experienced guys he's gonna find flowers and throw him a lot Thurs. Great now with Aaron Jones on tape. Your hundred forty five yards last week against Miami. Packers fans have been pining for more Aaron Jones. And I would I would assume the Packers are gonna lean heavily on their running back. All the Rogers is still Aaron Rodgers. So from Pete Carroll's perspective. You know, I it's hard to say Aaron Rodgers isn't the most dangerous weapon, but there's another one at running back. How do you balance your defensive attack? Well, it's harder now. And I would argue that the Packers are harder to defend now than they've been in a long time because of that running game and a Jones can get seven yards a carry like he's getting Palacio to honor that before it was how are we gonna keep Aaron Rodgers in the pocket and get to him in effect him and get him off his five contained him on. Now. How are we going to do that on top of stopping the run inside Bobby Wagner, KP right linebacker, really haven't had the key on a run key on on tackles and guards for the most part? They really just contain either Rogers getting outside the pocket or throw at him over the middle. Now, they have to do both run and pass. And that makes it a lot tougher talk this week about stopping the run number one to try to make it like a usual Packers game, meaning one dimensional. Stop the pass go try to get after. Rogers, the got to stop the run. I and that that's what makes this package team different than the ones who to play the last few years saw note that Chris Carson practicing fully today. The offense aside the Seahawks seem to run the ball at a pretty healthy clip. Do you have an idea of what the run game is going to look like on Thursday night? You're going to see probably four or five runs right off the top starts four or five. I I four or five plays will be running plays inside inside zone. They've done it since week three guys. The first two weeks of the season. They threw the ball. Seventy three percent of the time. Russell Wilson was sacked twelve times. In those two games at Denver, natural Kogyo. They were Owen too. Exactly opposite of what Pete said all off season. He was going to do what you return this team to the run cannot pass protection. The teams know that they're going to try and defense was no Russell Wilson shopping back. They come after him. They have a quick step off the edge tackles playing Brown, especially Janina, petty can't get out too. That's why I said he led the league penalties last year. He's trying to fall starting in holding to try to get outside and edge rushers. Well now that they have a running game those ads. Russia's have to read right? Like we're talking about with the Packers. Now, the Seahawks defensive of CR Che facing actually have to read run instead of just coming after Wilson with ten back, and that's helped and Brown on the to pass the tax. I mean Wilson was fourteen of seventeen in Detroit last game. They won two hundred forty eight yards on just fourteen completions all play action passing because they started the game of southern consecutive runs. You're gonna see Carson come back off of injury. That's the Rams game. Or they hip injury. Reshad penny is coming off his first big game. The first round draft pick hundred eight yards. Just twelve carries twenty seven snaps. He's probably gonna have more snaps above taking some carries away from Mike Davis. Who's been the number two guy? They have three guys that has rushed for a hundred yards in a game that season. That is something they didn't marshawn Lynch has been here that makes them they passed protection's gotten so much better when they run the ball effectively trouble. They've gotten in the last two weeks guys the charges Rams new late in the game. They had to throw because down to scores. Wilson sacked four times in each of the last two games. It's all depending on how well they can run the ball early to stay either tied or in the lead. So that they can pass it play action pass set up by the run check out his work into Tacoma news Tribune, Greg bell joining us on Miller lights Packers playbook. Appreciate your time. Greg. Enjoy the game on Thursday night. Ten we'll talk to you again down the road. Thanks, guys. I'm curious. What you think of the next week the hotdog determination what it's actually a sandwich or not we're going to dive into it. Mixed thoughts. I think in the studio here, and we're going to ask you that program. We can send you an MP three or a podcast if you buy you guys are experts on that. Thanks for your time. I started taking a Greg bell of the Tacoma news Tribune, we're a little late here on the clock will step aside. We do have what to watch coming up at seven forty three and the NFL pulling an about face one of the Marquis games of the weekend. That's to come on Packers playbook. You can get.