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That the winning cries for winning the first championship of the acts during league so the pizza a twenty percent of coupon crews now it was thirty five hundred dollars yeah we're not well that's the big my we're not going to be doing that here yet not yet all right let's get outta here we will have old guy radio when we return i'm tony kornheiser you're listening to the tony kornheiser show this is guy radio for the day the show i just think bobby darrin was one of the more major talents of my life this is the first big crooner hip that he had mack the knife in terms of critical commentary a rockstar he had had split splash was his total sort of campy rock tune then he had beyond the which was a great too giving dream lover right this one is actual name is walden robert casado i think i don't think it's bobby darren's his mother pretended to be his sister it was one of those in house deals that that was scandalous in the forties this out of them came out fifty nine years ago he was a rock star he wanted to be frank sinatra and he was he achieved that died very young like late thirties early forties or something like that used to go on the johnny carson show i really did you i even liked clean the hop yes iraq's yard until he did this kevin spacey movie about him is quite good.

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