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They're equipped to deal with it and they also go into these arenas and venues zoos and museums and restaurants. Whatever have you and they trained staff to know what to look for a lot of time. I seen it a hundred times before i talked to <hes> the the founders about out this and became came on board with them. <hes> i've seen it at meet and greets where child appears to have a meltdown and it's just epic and then people are going will the parents terrence. What are the. Why aren't they doing anything because you don't know what's happening. There's something actually happening to that child. They're not just having a meltdown. They're freaking out and they need help but nobody's equipped equipped to help them. So that's what they do. They come in. They make sure that they're safe. Places for these people to go so loud noises or something loud noises even sometimes like the bright lights jairo jairo anything even just the crowd around you boy yeah anything can trigger a reaction to somebody who was suffering for something like this and they look look like me and you so you don't know any different. I mean adults p._t._s._d. You you never know if a loud noise is going to go off and somebody is going to completely lose their composure. It's just just something that happens to me but that doesn't mean these people shouldn't be able to come in themselves show because a lot of times they get kicked out. I mean we i in a group chat with with the whole board award of culture city and we share stories all the time that we see in the news where something happened at a baseball game got uncomfortable and they kicked a family out and they later learned all the kid had autism. That's that's terrible instead. They should have been taken to a room where they could get themselves together because that's really what's needed and then they can go back and enjoy. It doesn't let me know its final. That's not the end. If somebody has an episode. So what are we doing with with <unk>. They are coming with us to every event that they can <hes> so. They're <music> at fight for the fall in <hes> in this sense. There's no room here at daly's place so they have a travel truck that they bring that'll be parked outside and people if if any issue at all happens the staff here knows what to do. They know where to take them. They go right to the truck this train staff on the truck. They have everything they need to get back together the entire family family and then go back to the event when everything is good and done or if they decide. They want to stay there for an hour. They can stay in there for an hour. Nobody's going to tell them what you regain. Your composure hoosier freaked out right so a lot of times <hes> they have the sensory kits that are helpful headphones or something zones to help. Bring things things back down. They can dim the lighting and make it really calm and soothing. It's the noise is gone inside these rooms they have activities things that they can do visit toys just thinks thanks decompress and kind of calm down and get him out of that environment and then to a point where they're back to normal right like how did you find out about this so you've the great thing about the internet is people will just come right to you and they have great things. I mean there. There's a lot of bad on the internet and there's a lot of good too and <hes> juices. Russians started the company because everyone's coming out of the woodwork ache and do this exactly exactly but julian maha. He's the founder he's a lifelong wrestling fan and so when he found out that we were doing this he reached out. He's actually friends with noel foley. I am dumb through them. We got connected in just had a phone meeting and as soon as soon as i talked to him. I knew this is a guy that we need to really like. Try to work with because this has been missing and wrestling forever. I've seen these things happen happen. I've seen blow ups and things and people just staring and museveni sitting there being like..

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