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Foot should be a more important topic even on the presidentials well and it's going to become a bigger challenge given the climate change that we're experiencing parts of the world in which In which the reliable food sources are going to be threatened by changes in the climate for example in Haiti. I have a big project that I've been going down and down where I have these farm and we provide the best civils to a school nearby in the middle of the mountains from Barrett Stampa. And they've been trying to drill. Go Down to look for water and we cannot time water. It's dry part of the island is technology. We're GONNA have to mesmerizing technology. Where investing in these machine that he's not able to provide more than fifty gallons of water per day. Only straddling the humidity of the air. That technologies there. We're going to have to more to invest quicker to Invest Pastor to make sure dad precisely those problems become opportunities if there we have. No water is a good way to do it. Using solar energy we can be bringing water to that little town in the middle of Nowhere Haley. If I'm able succeed there I'll be able to succeed. You know the parts of the world again. Repeating the problems are huge but we start breaking them down in a smaller. I'm we start building from there. Then we can sell very much any big challenge that humanity faces so again. I listen to you and I'm wondering like what what gives you more satisfaction a thing like the the the enormous task that you undertook in Puerto Rico and cooking. I guess it's for millions at this point. Millions of meals served Or OPENING UP. A new restaurant. Well I think we all phases moment. Noise probably went. Where when you laugh whatever you were doing used to surf and trying to to to put Mr Obama in the White House. You had role to play like many many others. I think my role on the role of chefs. Yes I feed a few. I have to start Michel in. I WANNA have three. I WANNA be in the lease of the fifty best of the world that my restaurant is not yet. I hope one day it will be all those things. Yes judges are listening. I well yeah but I'm not trying to buy those things are important but you know one thing. I have so many amazing young talent around me that I think I've been doing this for over thirty years. I don't mind to passing many of those things to them and start pouring them on the front on the forefront I myself I'm forty eight by the Damn I'm fifty Brawley. I'm going to be more and more and more into these Into these raw pro. Yes why because it fulfills not not not not my personal needs but I think we need to be showing that if we want we can who was meant to be saying that A young kid was fifty. You're all could be dreaming about all those crazy things. But they've seen many people before me. Achieving amazing things with nothing. Clara Barton US happened. Had Her house in front of maybe twenty three years old and knowing that in that little house in front of my restaurant that women very much was able to show us what be no money. -Tarian looks like and somebody that was known was able thanks to our hard work to create Red Cross with the so many wonderful things redcross has done over a century is and I think if we can. We all should put our effort helping if he's only one person to our right. That's one more person that he's going to be doing better of thanks to help. So I think is the role of every American and every person on this planet to try to do for others. You the know what you will do for your family. I think these is the new American dream and I'M GONNA make sure that my daughter's receive the America. I always love on the wall. We all dream of where we should note that as we sit in Chicago today. You're here because you received the two thousand eighteen humanitarian of the year award from the James Beard Foundation. I don't have to explain why you receive that award. Anybody who's listening to this conversation knows that but part of what you said there was. I want you to see the world's greatest challenges not as problems but as opportunities for us to serve hunger poverty environmental destruction an equal treatment of women in the workplace and immigration reform for the millions of hardworking immigrants who feed America and make our country great especially the dreamers and the more than eleven million undocumented that deserve to be part of the American dream that that is that your agenda for the for your next your next act. I think it's GonNa be a busy schedule. But you understand beg undergrads of Wrath said Yang told the main characters at the whatever whenever there is a fight so hungry people will eat. I will be there. I think trace users sums up everything I think. He's not anymore. Though about the I said what we the people are. Three powerful wards. Ju Ju Ju on this point Do you think how the people affected you. Who've who've come into contact with people that people in Puerto Rico the people at the at the DC kitchen the people who you've touched and who touched you over all these years. Every one of those people have some amazing stories and what happens in our society sometimes. Is that in a moment? We were talking about the building a wall to separate America from the rest. Sometimes we don't need to build walls. We have walls in communities where we are in cities that we don't cross the river and we don't go to the site because the people over there they are not like the people here and we need to Reagan. Those wolves I'm when you are able to cross a bridge I'm reach though so that people that maybe then talk like you. Maybe they'll look like you and then you see them that they they have the same dreams you have and they same hopes for the children and you see that all of the time when you reach them and they redo together you become more powerful. It's so simple that idea. That's why America has done so well because he may grants like me. We are those bridges. We're breaches of uniting faraway places and show people that we are far far more more equal than not an in the moment we see these. You're Republican and Democrat. You can be whatever you want. But you'll respect each other and you believe that together we're going to be stronger and in the moment you arrive to that simple conclusion. Everything is simple. Does why maybe we need to have more chefs in the Senate and Congress. Because you'll be a beautiful table like this one where everybody will be sharing. Played The food and right. They're having conversations about how we should be investing more time in. What brings us together. The not even makes us different and breaks apart and this is a type of shit we need in Washington. This is the diaper of leadership. We need our communities What about you you can move across the border to one of those states that actually has representation in the United States? Senate run yourself. Actually I bought in Maryland. All right good well. I break in Maryland but I think we need to start fighting for Washington DC. Where the six hundred fifty thousand American citizens? They're finally on. I think I'm GonNa sit in my lifetime. I one day. I think one day we're going to have to go congress and say you know one thing you want to eat out. I don't think you're GONNA eat you. Don Give us the same rights that others leverage my friend. I I think maybe we started something here. I'm going to go one way. We now restaurants open Because it's very hard I would say that a Washington does a half true representation. You actually did close you. Restaurants down for a day to protest The policies on immigration. I actually we. We'd began only because my team came to to tell me who said don't get upset with us but we would not come to work or would combo. We will not do anything. I'm we don't need you to pay for anything but I want you to know that we are doing this so I then do it on my own initiative but I did it supporting Dan December. They've been supporting. How did you? How did you patrons react? Everybody was super supportive and then I I believe that if one day they migrants and especially the undocumented and I think this may help the come together on one day they say women stop doing anything until you don't recognize. We are that we are not ghost in the system but real people contributing to the American dream. Say how we will not be able to play in any golf course who we will not able to eat in any restaurant who we were able to go to supermarket because the shelves would be empty. You'll see what will happen. So that's way migration reform should be something like Abrahamic Republican or Democrat. Should be supporting what time we make up. Well let me just say this. You Sir are a great American and Not just a great story but such an asset to our country and I I'm I'm proud to know you proud of what you're doing proud of the difference that you're making and grateful that you're here today. Thank you for having me on. Let's keep this conversation of one played the foot of the time kind of self big challenges we face we do. Thank you for listening to the X. Files brought to you by the University of Chicago Institute of Politics and CNN audio the executive producer of.

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