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This is not the free country we keep touting it as because we are not allowed to just be left alone. You're not allowed to make your own decisions. You're not allowed to make your decisions about your own body. The only thing in the world that you truly <music> own and we don't anymore because now the government is deciding how we're going to do it and because we love it so much we can rationalize malign to death and we will and i know i'm gonna have people my comments that are gonna come in and they're going to rationalize it to death and feel free. Rationalize it to death but don't kids yourself into thinking you're free and don't kid yourself into thinking that you're safe because you're not yeah eric. Garner committed a crime it was the crime was not worthy of the death penalty. That cop did perform an illegal choke. Hold no matter how you want to rationalize that as well he did in fact perform any illegal chokehold and eric garner her is dead because he was being arrested. He was given a cold while being arrested for a crime that shouldn't have been a crime but it is because our government is he's too big they go. I'm from the government and i'm here to help. Uh-huh god save us all anyway guys. I appreciate you spending some time with me. That's all i got for you. This week. I will in fact tried to get back next week and hopefully have an actual podcast. I don't know how much <hes> how much news analysis i'm going to be able to do. I know they had done that poll. I ask you guys if you want me to do news analysis or videos like this you know or the podcast like this tom not sure how much do the news analysis takes a lot of research. It takes a lot of time and while i enjoy doing it and it's it's what i set out to do. When i started the podcast especially breath i don't have the time to do the research properly and i don't want to present you guys with bad information and i don't wanna try to give an opinion on something that i'm not informed about because that sucks. Nobody wants to hear that so. I'm not sure how much of that i'm going to be able to do. I have not been very up on the news. I started started law school at the beginning of august and <hes>. I'm very behind on the news. Most of my time is being spent doing homework might actual troll <hes> my actual semester starts <hes> not this coming week but the following week and once that starts. We're going to be doing towards and you know things like that. My time is going to be absolutely swallowed by doing wall. School and law school is always going to come first so i hope hope you guys are going to be able to bear with me because i'd thinking videos like i did hear and podcasts that i did hear are going to become the norm. I'm going to try to get some news news analysis in their as best i can but it's not going to be the way that it had been. I just can't do it trying to draw trying to juggle that kind of research plus doing my homework correctly and studying for exams and you know all the stuff that i need to do to actually prepare and hopefully top of my class. I don't have time to do all of that so you're going to get a lot more podcasts and videos like this so i hope you guys can bear with me. <hes> if you get down to the description you can find the link. That'll take it every bit of social media and i'm on. I am heavily using snapchat lately <hes>. I'm trying to get back into using twitter and i'm always on facebook. You can contact me all those places. You can follow along. Whatever you wanna do and guys with that being being said that's all i have for you this week so i will see you next week and in the meantime have a great week <music>..

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