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Details Staples where small business prints big WTO P at 7 48 Traffic and weather on the 8s now back over to the traffic center and Steve dresner In Maryland on the capitol beltway prince George's county the inner loop at branch avenue dealing with crash activity currently blocking the left lane with a bit of a delay quiet on the bellway in both directions over in Montgomery county In the district a good ride on the southeast Southwest freeway no issues to report it over on D.C. two 95 looks like they're setting up the roadwork on the northbound side of I two 95 after Malcolm X avenue will be down a lane and possible delays in that area Over in Virginia traffic moving nicely on the beltway no problems to report on three 95 or 95 66 actually in pretty good shape and traffic moving well along the GW Parkway Over on Marc bruns Brunswick line 8 76 currently running one hour late If you're looking to elevate your career explore opportunities with Andrews federal credit union Andrews federal credit union is a great place to work certified company with substantial benefits visit Andrews dot org Traffic All right let's check our forecast here Mike Stein for do you know our temps really haven't moved at all this morning No and they're not going to move a whole lot today with the cloud cover in place And it is just a.

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