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Seventy urge travis benjamin one catch for forty two yards that went for a score you at one point return that would sixty five yards restore so he had fourteen points of the twenty one total for the chargers killer now with three catches for forty one yards again an effort by the bronco defense that normally speaking if you old an offense to 14 points on the road you're going to win the game mean more times than not it didn't happen obviously is debra just couldn't get on trekked at all uh with their offense thirty one 104 possession time for the broncos 28 fifty six four the chargers i mention the scoring streak as we await uh vince joseph interprets amid the broncos prior to this afternoon that the longest active streak of consecutive games in which they score it was at three '94 so it started on november 30th of 1992 where were you then what we were seattle and the broncos lost that game 16 to thirteen a believe in overtime to the seahawks the previous week was the last time this team had been shut out and that was a game ironically played in los angeles on november twenty seconds 1992 tommy medics taking over for john elway who was unable to play that quarterback the broncos loss that gave twenty four to nothing in the running back for the chargers that day was eric dickerson so lots of things have changed but the streak ins today at three hundred and ninety four this was a game that was seven nothing after the first quarter it neither team really able to do much on offense the broncos fumbled of their opening possession with aged derby foglia but the defense set a goal line stand fourth that forced stops at the one yard line at the japan punt return of sixty five yards gave the chargers seven nothing first quarterly the sit down to talk with the head coach of vince joseph coach i don't know where to start on this would from an offensive standpoint it just was a really really ugly performance absolutely you know to have a three more turnovers to have a thanks 6'3 inolves and across the fifty three times in a game with two turnovers that's that's that's not acceptable i mean you you obviously haven't seen the.

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