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In an accident there also look for action with a car in a ditch this up on the side of freeway southbound ramp down to la Grange road our next forty in ten minutes I'm bodiless newsradio eight forty WHAS I'm WLKY meteorologist Matt Milosevic with a cloudy breezy and chilly Thursday forecast highs just forty one degrees will continue to Dodge some rain showers and drizzle this morning could even mixed with a few flurries later in the day will give a chance of a few flurries tonight at some bitterly cold air builds in close here seventeen wind chills in the single numbers for your Friday Valentine's day we'll see some sunshine in the afternoon highs only near thirty two that's your latest WLKY forecast I'm meteorologist Matt most of it it's thirty nine at news radio eight forty WHAS our top story takes us to Frankfort were another vaping bill gets the nod from a house committee the sponsor local Republican representative Jerry Miller putting forth a measure that require vaping retailers to register with the state and pay fees and mandates no sales to anyone under eighteen this bill C. simply six to regulate a product which adults should be able to use but is such that it is very prone to abuse about under age people the goal is to keep vaping products out of the hands of young people the bill is supported by the Kentucky smoke free association which represents vape shops the two or the organization and represented Miller found themselves at odds the day before when the group opposed to bill he had put forth that would put a twenty five percent excise tax on vaping products it's six thirty two am news radio a forty WHAS for checking in on L. MPD they've made an arrest in a fatal shooting an old blue oval a twenty one year old Kayla hunter Purcell was killed after police say she got into a fight with twenty four year old Jhelum bell on these Caldwell street in December of last year the arrest slabs of bell tried to grab a gun from Purcell's waistband and take it from her during the fight for sellers bell to stop because the gun.

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