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Going aboard. Much to get to let's get started. Alderman. Hopkins is joining us right now, Brian. How confirm the fighting Second ward in Chicago. A lot of things to discuss. I want to start right now. With what? We just heard in the news that Wisconsin is now on the If you go to Wisconsin, you've got to come back. And sit in your house for two weeks or whatever, wherever you have to be quarantined for two weeks. How effective is it gonna be Alderman? You know, I never thought I'd see this. Tommy Bartlett is rolling over in his grave right now. I'm not sure how effective it's going to be. You know, we're seeing the beaches in Michigan and Southwest. Um you are a star, plus Michigan and Indiana have been closed and people are still managing to get there. So we don't have any means to enforce this. I hope people take it seriously. I hope people see the symbolism behind it that we're making all these pronouncements. There's a reason behind it. There's a rationality behind it, and we can on ly hope people will voluntarily comply because we really have no means to force people to do this. You're in the heaviest. 56 weeks of travel between Wisconsin, Illinois, in terms of people going up for whatever vacationing A lot of Illinois ins have either friends, family or Houses up in Michigan. Whatever they have is to be, and that doesn't seem to be ending. I mean, I think you talk to people who are up there and they say, yet there's still a lot of guys they like to call the FBI bees were showing him across the border. Yeah, you know, restrictions on travel are really at the low end of necessary tactics that we need to do to prevent the spread Its restrictions on large gatherings. Doesn't matter if you got in the car and drove 100 miles or you drove one mile if your destination is a large gathering of people who are in close proximity to each other, especially indoors. That's the problem. It isn't how far you went to get to that gathering. So people on vacation obviously have a tendency to do fun things when they get there, You know if you go to a house in Wisconsin or a cabin or whatever, you're not going to sit there and isolate from, you know the weekend. You're gonna go out. You're going to go to places you're going, you know, Try to enjoy yourself on DH. That's where the risk of spread is occurring. How concerned are you for Chicago and Cook County writ large because that's where a lot of people are coming from going to Wisconsin coming back. Yeah, You know, we have. As you know, we've lagged behind from the other jurisdictions that I've seen increasing spread, and you know, we're still at positivity rate of a little over 3% right now. You know, the goal has always been to stay under five. And we're still there. So I guess that's the glass half full. But the glass half empty is it's ticking up consistently and gradually, and that is a harbinger of problems where we're gonna be three weeks from now. It's hard to say, but I don't have a good feeling right now. I really don't. I think we're heading for trouble. And the time to stop. It is now if you wait for all the lights to turn red. It's too late. Right now. They're yellow. And I think we need to act accordingly. OK, so that's the covert front. Now the violence front in Chicago We've been decrying this the entire summer there does that There is a sense of lawlessness in the streets and downtown is now getting it. Parts of your ward are being hit. And then ward the word just south of you. The downtown word just south of you. Shootings. Twice Now, in two consecutive weekends, one person murdered weekend to go on the bridge, the Wabash Bridge across the river, and now you had multiple shootings downtown. This weekend, including right here on Wacker, right and literally in front of our building here. We've got people like 2 30 in the morning, Thes hotel parties were taking place where hundreds of people are coming down, hanging out in hotels getting out in the streets. Some of them are armed. And next thing you know, the shooting starts. What is behind it? What have you heard from your police commanders? It is a direct relationship between the increased criminal activity downtown and the fact that police resources are tied up all over Chicago with protests. The protests are spontaneous, in some cases planned in other cases. But we've never seen such a widespread, consistent amount of protests that require some measure Police response so that ties up resource is and it leaves holes. You know, all throughout the city in downtown, especially, you know, we've seen recent incidents where if we had additional police resources that were available, they could have responded to some of the more You know, common street crime, muggings and Carjackings. These things have been happening. They have increased in recent months. There's no question about that. But we don't currently have adequate resources to respond to them over the weekend. The motorcycles that invaded downtown That was unprecedented. Those numbers. You know, we've seen groups of 200 even 300 motorcycles before. This was over 1000 motorcycles over a two day period and the police were tied up with dealing with protests. They just simply were outnumbered, outmanned and couldn't properly respond. Come right back, So I won't ask you where you stand on. The federal law informs of being here and also what do you do about it? What do you do when you've got both protests, and then people partying downtown, and then the partying turns violent. What do you do? How do you do Arrest people in advance? It's not really possible to do. We'll talk about all of that on the other side, But first Lauren, LAPD has got her eyes on the roads.

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